Help me support kids in need

I feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to join a Chain Reaction cycling team with like-minded business women to support kids in need.  Chain Reaction is a corporate bike challenge that raises money for children in need by challenging business executives who have a passion for cycling and an awareness of their corporate social responsibilities, to ride a demanding course over multiple days.  I have taken on the challenge of training for and riding over 300km in 3 days along with a personal fundraising goal of over $3000.

I work as a Productivity Manager at the Rio Tinto mining company.  My job involves engaging with global copper operations to define full potential and deliver improvement programs.  I love working as an engineer; analysing, planning and problem solving.

Outside of work my husband and I have two sporty, tweenage girls.  Like all parents we face constant challenges in attempting to raise confident, resilient kids who are engaged in learning, have fun and be themselves.  In my spare time I love participating in sport; along with road and mt biking, I’ve also been active in rock climbing, windsurfing, skiing, volleyball, orienteering, running and triathlon.  My favourite weekends involve planning adventures and doing them with friends.  I am hoping to visit family in VIC, NSW and NZ soon.  And still dreaming about taking the kids to Europe if we can get there before they leave home!

Thank you for supporting my challenge and helping young kids in our community.  Please note, all donations over $2 to this page are tax deductable.










My Updates

The Stats!!

And for those who love their stats, over the course of the 11 week challenge I rode 2977km, climbed 34 522m and pedalled for 127h.  Completely exceeded my personal $3k fundraising target with $8000+ raised for kids in need.  As of today, the group of wonderful women taking part in the 2021 Women's 3 day challenge have raised over $368,000 for Traction and White Ribbon.  Well done to my wonderful team mates Edwina, Elise, Kat, Jen, Katrina and Rach, it has been a pleasure riding with and getting to know you.  

Day 3 - we did it!

120km to finish off 358km for the 3 days, woo hoo!  A nice, cool 20km to start the day through bushland and past mt biking tracks.  At the half way point, energy levels in the group seemed to rebound as everyone realised we were going to make it!  Rolling undulations as we reversed most of Day 1 back towards Brisbane.  Lots of sore bodies and a fight over savoury snacks at the last rest stop (90ish km) as salt cravings kicked in; the chocolate brownies were lonely and ignored.  Our Rio Tinto and EDL team were #1 fundraisers so we led the peloton through the last few kms and into the finish at Wooloongabba.  Wonderful to see family and friends cheering and waving at the end, and we happily swapped bikes for beers and bubbles.  Picture of our "happy little vegemite" team getting organised to ride the last few kms at the front.

Day 2 - hills

My favourite type of riding today - climbing and descending hills.  122km loop, 1500m elevation; Caloundra to Palmwoods, Montville, Nambour and back to Caloundra.  Plenty of stops for food and team photos at the look-out.  Supported some of the riders through the steep pinches in the second half; they called it "the hand of god".  Another evening of soaking in an epson salt bath, rolling, trigger pointing, massages and hilarous presentations.

Day 1 - nerves and excitement

116km Brisbane (Stafford) to Caloundra.  Gorgeous rolling hills through the back roads via. the Glasshouse Mountains.  Easy rolling today and everyone in good spirits.  35 riders and approx 10 support crew/coaches.  All going well so far......

Protein, protein, protein

Weeks 8-10 flew by as I got used to the kms and tackled a new challenge - how to eat well.  Thanks to the CR nutrition talk and fantastic guidance from the KP riders, I pivoted my diet to include a lot more protein during the day to take away the munchies.

Week 7 Ouch

What did I forget to do during recovery week?  Stretch and roll.  Legs seized up during Tue Stuartholme loops, no power and felt like they were about to pop.  Learning for this week: recovery = sleep and stretching & rolling.  Focussing on protein post-rides.  Made it to target kms this week with 362km, a record 4273m elevation and 15h in the saddle.  First ride out to Mt Crosby and visited one of the Traction workshops in Yeerongpilly to hear more about the life-changing programs they run.  4 weeks to go.

Recovery week

Took it easy in week 6 and focussed on getting to bed earlier, recovery rides and started planning for the RT Skytown BBQ.  242km and 3577m elevation.


Have ridden 1000km in a month for the first time (1045km to be precise).  No wonder I've been tired and a bit grumpy!  Planning an easier week this week to recharge.

Tired legs and mind

Week 5 was focussed on training.  Rolling Corsos, River Loop, Mt Samson via. Samford and Stradbroke Island.  296km, 3300m elevation, 12h riding.  Family have adjusted to mum missing for half the weekend.  4:15am alarms stll hard :(

Rider of the week!

A wonderful surprise to be awarded rider of the week last week for 6 loops of Coot-tha and 2000m elevation at the training session Saturday.  Busy week all up, supporting the successful EDL & Rio Tinto fundraising event ($20k raised by our EDL team mates) and getting closer to my goal of 350km per week.  Week 4 stats: 279km, 3408m climbing, 4 rides, 12h moving time.  Was struggling last week with tiredness, but feeling a million times better this week :)  Photo of the group looking relieved to have survived the Coot-tha training session.

Week 3 - Best of All Lookout

Sunday's training ride was hard work, 81km through Springfield National Park to the Best of All Lookout!  Must have been the biggest climb I've done on a bike, 20km and 1000m elevation.  Spectacular views from the top of the QLD border along the Scenic Rim, northern NSW coastline, Byron Bay and Mt Warning.  Week 3 stats: 221 km (yep got some work to do there to get to 300 plus), 3291m elevation, 10.1h in the saddle.  Fundraising event this Thurs supporting the non-Rio Tinto girls in our team.

300 - 400 km a week ??

Hills this morning.  Coach says I need to be riding 300-400km a week. Cripes! Going to be a challenge fitting that into the family schedule.....

Spinning, climbing and raffling

Tue training: high cadence 100-130 rpm efforts without bouncing (difficult!) and 6 x 100% efforts up Cemetery Hill.  Have also been discovering more about on-line raffles and Australian raffle laws than I ever thought I'd need to know!  We have a great selection of raffle prizes ready to go, including a beautiful champagne diamond from the now closed Argyle diamond mine.  Good progress on the fundraising target ($2271) and a quarter of the way through the training kms (376km).

First group training session

Made it to my first training session with the Chain Reaction girls.  Rolling efforts along the Corso to build cardio fitness.  Learnt to target 80-100rpm and that I can't count to 30sec (I was on the front for about 3x longer than intended 'cause I count too slow!)  Amazing to see a lot of fundraising donations come in yesterday, thank you so much Rio Tinto people, you are supporting a great cause.

Fundraising started

Thanks to my friends from the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club for kicking off my fundraising!

Thank You To My Donors





Nick Murphy

Sal First movers advantage, so you get the donation! In all serious, my utmost respect and admiration for putting your own body on the line for this very worthy cause. No doubt you have trained and are ready for it, so I wish you and the team the very best on this long trail of change.


Sally Caraher


Liza Carroll

Well done Sally - great riding for a great cause


John & Kate Caraher

We really admire your dedication & enthusiasm, what an achievement!


Iain Worrall


Luke Taucher

Do a huge wheelie over the finish line


Paul P


Aaron Coppleman

Great work!


Robbie Dickson

Ride, Sally, ride (someone had to...)


Lyndon Rolton

Great work Sally and I am sure you will smash it! :-)


Sreeraj Balachandran

Great initiative. All the best with preparation and 3 day ride.


Claire Packer

Enjoy the ride Sal! You are truly amazing. xx


Sinead Kaufman

Good luck cycling for such a good cause!



Well done Sal! So proud to see you smashing it!


David Smith

Great cause Sal. Get pedalling!


Mirella Lombardo

Great job!!!!!


Aaron Schleich

Good on you Sal. All the best for your ride, I hope the fundraising goes well, looks like you are off to a good start. Have a great ride, have fun, I hope the wind is behind you :)



Awesome :)


Mark Munsel

I hope the ride goes well. Its a great cause your supporting.


Robert Gold

So inspired by the good you do Sal!


Some Guy On A Mtb

Well done Sally, awesome to see your the results of all the hard work you have done for this.


Anna Sullivan

So proud of you sis for your dedication, training and fund raising efforts. So impressive. What a wonderful way to support charity and work towards a stretch goal. Go sis!!


Alan Tomsett


Christine Kinlay

All the very best with your training and the ride, Sally You’re truly inspirational. Take care and stay safe..


Denise Hart

Ride like I’m chasing u up Cootha!!! Stay between the hedges ?


Kim Harland

Ride like the wind Sally!


Dan Eason

Well done Sal and good luck


Vanja Smith


Megan Gaida



Great work Sal!


Karin Baxter

Great cause enjoy!


Danie Swemmer

Happy cycling Sal - all the best!


Mark Illingworth

Sorry I was so slack that I didn't do this until after you completed... I did keep up with your efforts on Strava! Well done!


Chris Pilkington

Good on you Sally. Cheers Chris.


Kym Krey

Wonderful cause, Sally. Ride safely and have fun!


Julie Waldron


Sabine Stam

Great cause and good luck Sally!!


Shona Markham

Great work


Natalie Avery

Great work Sal, you will smash it!! Do the loopers proud :)


Dean Beltrame

Hope all those training miles pay off Sally!


Ramona Sim

Excellent effort Sally! Great to see you do this.




Teresa Chatfield

Great work Sally!! All the best and for such a good cause. TC xx



Good luck, Sally and team!


David Aris


Yinzhu Quan

Well done Sally!


Adam Stanfield

Wonderful gift of giving to help others


Wenjie Huang


Jacinta Williamson

You're awesome Sal! All the very best with the ride. It's all about the journey, not the destination. And what an amazing journey it will be, contributing to such meaningful community organisations as part of it! love your work.


Rachael Thompson

Best of luck for the ride Sally! Well done supporting this great cause.


Matt Neighbour

Good work and good luck!


Leigh Armstrong

Well done Sal, what a great block of training you have done!



Great cause & I can see you’ve been working hard already. You’re going to smash the challenge ??


Dan Mackay


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Matt Shelton