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Rob Desoisa


Bevan Damm

Enjoy riding everyone off your wheel for the week Rob. Your charity partners will thank you for it


Vivian Tse

Good luck and you’ll be as battle hardened as Warrick by the end!



Education changes lives - and NZ South Island in March is spectacular.


John Robinson

Best wishes Rob.


Brendan Counsell

good luck Rob


Jason Mclean

Well done Rob - Enjoy the mountains!!


Melissa Yan

Good luck, take care and enjoy the beautiful scenery.





Grant Peters

Go Rob - great cause !


Dave Millar

Do it for the kids.


Graeme Mckenzie

Good luck Rob




Stuart Mainland

Best of luck Rob - sounds like a tough one even for your usual!


James Lawes


Liz Baker

All the best Rob enjoy and stay safe on the Ride


Jonathan Lesquereux

Hope the tour is going well Rob - you get stronger as it goes on so should be peaking shortly!


Yolanda Li

Enjoy the ride, Rob.


Dale Jackson


Shweta Krishna

Good luck Rob!


Amy Luca

Good luck Rob, amazing effort and fantastic cause!


Mike Hogan


Seema Sundarjee

Enjoy the ride Rob!


Rohan Connors

Great cause Rob. Your mind can overcome what your legs cannot - go be the master of the mountain



Rob - ride strong and enjoy the scenery


Jason Bain

Nice work Rob! Great cause!


Helen Desoisa

Enjoy NZ, see you soon


Tom Mccutcheon



Good luck, such a good cause.