Help Chapalex Advisory support kids in need

Participating in a Chain Reaction Challenge doesn't get any easier as the years tick by, and this year’s cycle around Tasmania will test the body, but no matter how hard it is, it’s easier than the day to day lives of the kids’ the Chain Reaction Foundation support.

Phil has cycled regularly over the years with a bunch of likeminded mates, and can be found most mornings on his cycle, battling around the local hills trying to maintain a semblance of fitness.

Phil completes several shorter charity rides each year but saves his legs each year for the Chain Reaction Challenges which are superbly organised and very professionally executed, providing a wonderful opportunity to challenge himself, engage with like-minded people and make a meaningful contribution to less fortunate children through the Chain Reaction Foundation.

With two teenage children and understanding the tenuous nature of children's health this opportunity to help children less fortunate than Phil's, ticks all the boxes for him.

The year of 2022 coincides with Phil’s’ tenth Chain Reaction Challenge and his sixtieth year on earth, and to mark this occasion Phil’s decided to enter a team for the Tasmanian Challenge under the banner of his firm Chapalex Advisory, to raise much needed funds in support of the two major charity partners, So They Can and BaptistCare HopeStreet.

Tasmania will be a tough Challenge this year with preparation constantly challenged by ever changing work commitments and the current Covid environment. However it is this very environment that makes the challenges for the kids in need all the more pressing, so please help Phil realise his goal of making a meaningful contribution to this year’s Chain Reaction Challenge by supporting Phil and the Chapalex Advisory team.

Thank You To My Donors

Precision Group

We're proud of you Phil, in your tireless efforts to raise funds for Kids in Need through the Chain Reaction Challenge! From all of us at Precision!



Great to see Chapalex Advisory putting a team in this year. Well done Phil.


Mark Ryan

Phil - 10 years! I think that now qualifies you for Legend status. Good luck, and look forward to a well-deserved lunch on your return. Mark.


Risktech Australia Pty Ltd

Excellent cause Phil, your dedication to raising funds to help those in need is very inspiring


Danny & Rachelle Hofbauer

Dear Phil, Best of luck with this great initiative. Stay safe and ride hard. Very happy to support you.


Joye Monaghan

Have a great ride. Don't show the young ones up too much!


Greg Harradine

Dear Phil your committment to help the kids through Chain reaction foundation over all these years is very impressive.all the best for the ride. cheers


Justin Lynch

All the best for the ride . . Next adventure should be a circumnavigation of Tassie!!


Leone Lorrimer

Squats squats,squats.


Kenneth Clare



Enjoy the ride!


Tom Moult

Don't fall off!


Enact. (ken Mullins)

Best of luck Phil for a great cause! that's a massive achievement so far. Kind regards, Ken.


Mark Livingston

Good Phi. Just keep turning those legs over.


Jon Lesquereux

Phil I know your lack of conditioning won’t hold you back! The most competitive man on the planet…..Have fun mate and raise lots of $$$


Peter Haleluka

Knowing you for 30years, you never cease to amaze me. Please ride safely.


Chris Manion

very happy its you not me - great thing you have supported for 10years Phil good luck


Robert Gothard

Awesome effort Phil, should be some nice riding - perhaps a couple of HC's too!


Elese Deakin

Keep those legs turning and Enjoy!