Olga Kolokolova (Olia)

Womens 300 2019

“Dare to Endure” 


I welcome you master to this curious tale.

I have travelled much distance and have stories to spare. 

I hope they'll ignite you, and you'll dare to endure.

As this world is magic, and the author is YOU!!!


All started on one day when I felt something is  missing ,

so I went deep inside and I saw the two wheels and adventure path whistling. 


A decision was made to gain a new skill,

for that I needed a bike - Frodo was the name that I gave.


Why Frodo, you ask me, the answer remains,

there once was a traveller for whom all was trails.


My adventures perceived me, I could not get enough,

but what can you do, when place of birth is no longer enough. 



Young Frodo became my true guiding, my friend.

We travelled the distance and gave into the tale.

The sunrise changed sunset on every Earth’s day.

No matter if flat or hollow it just may. 


We saw sometimes thunder, sometimes we saw rain.

But sunny with breeze next to ocean was faved.


One Sunday in spring my home was too quiet.

New bike bags were purchased and yellow rain coat acquired. Filled up with the urges to just go, and explore.

One unexperienced soul decided to pack and follow the heart to the shore. 


I remember that journey, my very first trip.

Brisbane to Sydney on this new bike, urge for adventure was lit.

I did not have clip ins, I packed way too much.

But that sense of surrender and no fear, my heart - touched. 


Lonely feels, changed by crying, as no matter how far, you will need to deal with the dramas deep in your heart.

As you have all this time to be you and be honest,

deep discovery time, soul is open, cleansing - promised.


On that glorious day reaching Opera house ,

I felt seven days older, but a life time acquired.

I felt strength emerging, inner confidence - fired.

Raging rawest of feelings, fulfilled soul, passion inspired. 


Many trips have occurred since that very first time,

I completely adored time spent thinking outside.

Go North or go South made no difference at all,

we were going solo, there was no protocol. 


Some days were small distance, some hundreds of kms.

Each hill made legs stronger, and all worry flew away. 


More distances covered gave a confidence boost;

Living best life daily with true adventures introduced. 


With one simple mantra, igniting the fire,

new ideas of wilderness flooded the mind.


Packing bike for the journey became such frequent task,

the ease of us flying became an exciting must.

We crossed all five oceans, with a vision in mind. 

We couldn’t stop there, had to train for the wild. 


Port Douglas bike ride was exciting and moving.

3 weeks of exploring , best spent Easter - enduring. 

Cane fields, Springbrook falls and bananas galore,

made my small vegan soul sing louder more and more. 


South Aussie and Vic were much colder and rainy,

but experience is a must! World is big, weather is changing. Audiobooks keep you moving and mind keeps on learning,

while the body may struggle, we keep on exploring. 


Many sheep, many hills, green New Zealand was home.

Seeing faces I’ve missed , new true meaning to all. 


Ofcourse I wouldn’t stay still in the south, I needed new plans,

”Go north” maps pronounced.


North America met me with a burning hot sun.

Kansas fields, Great blue lakes and GAP trail compared to none. 

All went smoothly, no flats in the  3000kms.

Shorter than planned , yet much longer than once I believed I just may. 

I collapsed in true tears at Washington DC,

tears of joy and of hurt, another milestone was ticked.


Then I went onto Asia, and then Europe perceived.

Language shocks, pasta, sushi, kimono, culture kick.

I could not understand even a word of surrounds,

yet my heart was all open and my hosts were so ground.


I have learnt simple apps, simple maps, simpler packing.

Brought my drone, brought my laptop, bought snaking. 


Some nights I kept riding in the darkest of time,

new places, dying lights, yet something kept pushing from inside.


Adrenaline shooting right through my veins,

and Me filled with my freedom and myself, as they say.

The dark is no hinder, as what follows is light,

although don’t rush too much, and observe starry skies. 


Adventure keeps pulling to left and to right, 

and in deed there is not stopping, because, in deed, this is life.


And it’s interesting to me, how the simplest of things,

can completely and totally change your present it seems.

I remember those early days when I resisted the bike,

infact, I have only learnt cycling when I was 25.


It is funny to remember that teen mind set I had, noisy parties, TV shows,

searching for some meaning to add... 


When I had no idea what I really could do...

but the funny thing really, I still don’t fully know all that is hidden in me..

Is it True for you?


As even the small ones can be filled with much courage,  

This is what you came for, don’t forget to encourage.


This world can feel empty without a friend,

sometimes it is nice to have someone’s guiding hand.

Help you through the bad times, be with you in the good.

We all simply want just to be understood.


No matter how different, if black or if white.

We all need adventure while passions ignite.

Be brave my young master, go join this trail.

This world is all yours, inhale, exhale…



Hello all :)

And thank you for visiting my page and showing interest in Chain Reaction Cycling. This is a very first time I do anything like this (Mixing Fundraising and Fitness), but I am excited about the challenge! I think it is a wonderful cause to be able to help children in need and a great way to uplift and help each other as a team. 

Now I do not have any kids myself, but have a few friends with children, that have had various difficulties and it just warms my heart to recognise that I may be able to help some little human in need through my efforts. 

I would like to make my blog interactions as interesting and fun as possible for you, so I wish to share some stories old and new in the coming posts. Hope you will enjoy :D


Thank you for your kind donations to the children!


Help me support kids in need

I am riding 300 kilometres in 3 days from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast this October to raise funds for kids in need.

Funds raised from this event will support major charity partner the AEIOU Foundation for children with Autism, which has been providing life changing early intervention since 2005. AEIOU will direct funds allocated from the event to a refurbisment and fit out of its Toowoomba centre, enabling more children in the region access to a safe, secure and modern facility for therapy and care, including a new classroom and an upgraded playground and sensory garden.

In addition, minor beneficiary Mater Foundation will receive funds to go towards purchasing an in-hospital shuttle which safely and easily transports critically ill babies to theatre, considerably reducing the risk of serious clinical problems.

Please support my efforts on the bike with a donation and be part of changing the lives of kids in need!

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My target 2000kms

Thank you to my donors


Great effort Olga!


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Go girl be a walk in the park for you how about doing it on a unicycle lol


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