David Southon

2021 Sydney Challenge

We can make a significant and lasting change to the lives of kids in need!

I am a co-founder and director of Aliro Group, which is a property development, investment and funds management group.

I enjoy a good balance between work, recreation, exercise and family time.

As a keen cyclist, it's a privilege to be able to combine my riding with raising much needed funds through Chain Reaction to support So They Can in empowering children, particularly young girls, through education. What So They Can has achieved over the last 10 years is life changing for these children, their families and their communities - it's incredible and very satisfying to see these sustainable outcomes. A small amount of money makes a huge difference to the lives of so many in Africa!

My Updates

2021 Sydney Chain Reaction Ride - So They Can

Having undertaken the training for last year's Chain Reaction Ride and then due to COVID it being postponed one week out from the event, I have unfinished business!
I am very excited about participating in this year's ride to raise much needed funds to support children in need through Chain Reaction's main support charities of Starlight and So They Can.

I have recently joined the board of So They Can, a DFAT accredited charity that empowers children in Africa through education. So They Can has empowered over 24,000 children in Kenya and Tanzania through 37 schools and graduated 292 teachers from their Tanzanian Teachers' College to support the next generation. A quality education is the best route to sustainable change for millions of children and their communities.  Unfortunately, 100 million children in Africa are not in school. Due to a lack of education, 85% of 9-13 year old girls from Pokot, Kenya will experience Female Genital Cutting and be forced into child marriage. So They Can has a well established local infrastructure to address these significant issues and a small amount of money in Africa goes a long way towards making a sustainable, life changing difference to these children, their families and communities.  

Please join me in donating and assisting in raising as much money as possible to continue this important and valuable work. 

Thank you! 

Thank You To My Donors

David Southon

Please join me in raising much needed funds for children in need who are supported through Starlight and So They Can. So They Can has empowered 24,000 children in Kenya, Africa through education, supporting 37 schools and graduating 292 teachers through their Tanzanian Teachers' College. Its local team and actively working to minimise, and where possible eliminate, the practice of Female Genital Cutting and child marriages for girls who are 9-13 years old. It's a privilege to ride for this important cause!