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Chain Reaction - Tassie 2022

I'm excited to be taking part in my first Chain Reaction cycling event in 2022, and to put my passion for riding bikes into a generating sponsorship funds for some worthwhile causes.
I don't typically sign up for charity sporting events, but this year, meeting the guys from Chain Reaction and hearing the compelling storied from the charities that they fund - So They Can and BaptistCare HopeStreet - really made me rethink that decision. So They Can use education to empower girls in Kenya and Tanzania to break the cycle of poverty and use education as a tool to end child marriage and bring access to food and clean water as well as access to basic human rights. They've put together a great video that explains the work that they do: I'm looking forward to hitting the Tassie tarmac and tackling some of the tricky climbs, and ticking off 1000km over the 7 days should be a blast!

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Thanks for generously helping me out of a bind this week - it is very much appreciated!


Louise Maddison

Good luck Jo and Rob xxx


Rohan T

Good on you and Jo for supporting such a great cause. Will be watching along with interest.


Priyanka Nath


The Maretts

Huge congratulations Rob and Jo! Lots of love from us all x


Jer Copeland

Smash it bro!


Ian Nguyen

Good work mate go for it!


The Barclay-sellers Fam

Don’t do it for Ben.


Rong Chen-pike

Go Jo and Rob! Such a great initiative, we look forward to hearing the updates and seeing the pics!


Ben Moreau

Do it for me


Michael Daley

Go rob!


Rupert Privett


Sylvie Bardaune

Go Rob!! This is a wonderful initiative


Joshua Lennox

This is the way.


Halpin Family

Go Rob & Jo! Always amazed by your cycling adventures, best of luck this week x


Richard A. Flanagan

Tassie + charity = winning


John M

Good luck Rob. Have fun out there!


Sophie Hirst and Jo are impressive and a little crazy. Good luck!!!


Megan Mcbain

Well done Rob! Incredible effort!!


An-rui Chiew


Sonny Hu

Ride on Rob!


Olivia Beringer

Good luck Rob & Jo!



Yeeeeeew! Go get em Rob & Jo.


Rob Maddison


Jamarr Mills

Best of luck on your challenge! Absolutely smash it!


Lukas Miller

Awesome job Rob!


Meenakshi Iyer

Wonderful initiative Rob! I am cheering Jo and you! :)





We'll be looting for you, Rob & Jo! Best of luck!


Natsuko Ikeda


Sarah Lymam


Regina Huang


Jane Copeland

Good luck Jo and Rob xx


Noel Gate

Great cause and an amazing challenge! Good luck Rob and Jo!


Julia Davis


Eleonore Quint

Good luck!!


Freya A Harvey



Great initiative Rob! Cheering you and Jo on.


Tom Curtis

Great work Rob!


Nicholas Hirst


Aaron Mastrogiacomo



Great cause to be supporting Rob, Hope you and Jo have a safe and happy travel. Looking forward to hearing about it.


Liz Alaka

Good luck Rob and Jo!


Zoe Hayes

Goooooo ROB!



Great initiative! Good luck Rob & Jo


Nicole Lenarduzzi

Awesome work Rob!


Brett Carson

Good Luck Rob!!


Stefan Boden

aller vite Rob


Jeremy Hooper

Good luck!!


Adrian Tan

All the best and safe travels/riding, Rob and Jo!


Natalie A Mazin

Good luck Rob & Jo, no doubt you'll do an amazing job and enjoy it along the way! Nat & Sam x


Katie-lynn Guerrero

Good luck Rob! Such a great cause!


Belinda Meek