Andrew Bloxham

2021 Sydney Challenge

Help me support kids in need

I have been a passionate cyclist for 35 years. Cycling has kept me fit, seen me make numerous lifelong friends and I have been lucky enough to cycle in many beautiful parts of the world.

I realize how fortunate I have been, to live in Australia, have a fantastic family and able to enjoy a safe and privileged life.

Many years ago I decided I wanted to try and help those less fortunate. To give back. My wife, Case, daughter, Imogen and myself became involved in So They Can. 

So They Can helps children and women in Kenya and Tanzania via primary school education, women’s micro finance, teacher training, young teenage girl support, a children’s home and medical clinic. We have made multiple trips to Kenya and Tanzania to offer hands on support and really get to know the wonderful, warm and generous people of East Africa. I have now been a director of SoThey Can for 9 years.

I am so pleased to be participating in the Chain Reaction event to raise funds for Starlight Foundation, So They Can and Hopestreet. Thank you if you are able to sponsor me for such great causes

Thank You To My Donors


a huge effort. Go hard!


Margaret Bloxham

Good Luck


Louise Bloxham

Hi Andrew, Good Luck. Hope the ride goes well. xx


Greg & Deb Day

Keep your head straight


Terry Smith

Andrew, I've donated $250 and I'll put another $250 in when you finish the ride, It's not that I don't think you can ride that far.......well maybe I do. Go Andrew GO >>>>>>


Zoran Ilic

Good Luck Mr. Bloxham


Mark Elphick

Great stuff mate - good luck!


Jc And Caro

Stay out of first gear Andrew, what a great project and an equally great set of causes to support


Phil & Abi

Ride from Coffs to Sydney? There's a perfectly good train ...


Michelle Goldstone

Fantastic event. Good luck!


David Clark

Enjoy the ride. Great cause.


Catherine Bloxham

Very proud of you Andrew. Love you xx


Anthony Haworth

Great work you crazy guy. Keep up the chamois cream!


Matthew Day

Good luck with the ride and well done for your longterm support of such a great cause


Immy Bloxham

Good luck! ❤️😌



What a wonderful thing you are doing. East Africa and its people left a lasting impression on me too. Enjoy the ride. Best Wishes Fiona


Ron Rapee

All the best Andrew, Rob, Sean et al.


Tom Fang

A lot of great ❤️! You can make it!


Ginny Fisher

Good on you Andrew. What an amazing journey to take. Thank you for backing such a worthy cause.



Great cause, great ride... you’re crazy, enjoy the ride bud!




Gary Conaty

Have a great week out riding Andrew, unfortunately I couldn't contribute more to you as another team member also needed helping out.


Meg Munro

What a great thing to do! I wish you all the best.


Simon & Annabel

Go for it Andrew - good luck


Davo And Syl

Good luck AB, enjoy the ride


Alexander Fuerbach

Great initiative Andrew, good luck for your crazy ride!


Karthik Moorthy


Dean Amedov


Park Bikes

Nice work. Good luck from Nash and the Park Bikes staff


Cass Treadwell

Guru Thank you


Natalie Mcgrath

Great cause Andrew!


Tina Chang-wilson

you have my emotional & mental support while i am sitting on a nice chair.


Jack Seymour