Rebecca White

Women’s 300

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to this awesome event!

Making it up Montville - walk in the park!

I think we're nearly ready for the BIG ride!

My longest ride EVER - 119km - Brisbane to Mt Mee (and back!)

Smashed Mt Mee - the descent was SOOOO much fun. 

Conquering Mt Coot-tha

I've been up the "backside" of Mt Coot-tha multiple times now. Who am I? and how rude does that statement sound *giggle*

Video Blog: Week 2

Video Blog: Week 1

VIDEO: Here's 'Why' I would do something so crazy

My Latest Crazy Idea

“You should join this bike ride I’m doing”, said my “wickard friend” Bronwyn.

“I’m too busy - working full time, three kids at three different schools, there’s no time in my life,” said sensible Rebecca.

Then I was struck by an epiphany … I will always be too busy, there will never be enough time, so decided to do something crazy. “Hells Bells OK, let's do this thing,” said the crazy Rebecca (who has not yet learnt when she’s bitten off more than she can chew).

Turns out … it’s not 300kms in 3 days, more like 364km with 4057m of climbing. Only slightly terrified but I’m up for the challenge. Will share my trials and tribulations with you all, in the hope that it will inspire you to donate generously.

We’re raising money for AEIOU Foundation which provides early intervention programs for kids with autism and Youth Advocacy Centre who provide legal services to vulnerable and disadvantaged youth.


Thank you to my donors

Bronnie V

Thanks for all of your hard work for the event Bec, you are an inspiration!



Well done Rebecca!




Hayden, Kellie, Luci And Gigi

Rebecca, love your latest crazy idea, enjoy and well done on fundraising for two great causes.



We are so proud of you - here is $1 for every km - you'll smash it!!


Suzanne Yeates

Best of luck Bec. Looking forward to catching up afterwards to hear all about it !!


Hadley White

Go sis go! Can't wait to see that hair flying in the wind and those buns of steel come Christmas xxx



A great cause. Enjoy the ride.



All the best Rebecca!



You're an inspiration Bec. I can't believe you stuck at it, I can't believe you made it and I can't believe you raised so much money for kids with autisum! Now enjoy a well-earned break x


Anne White



Go Bec! When you have finished with riding in the rain, send it down here! Look forward to catching up with you at Byron. Xxxx


Mark And Bryan From The Uk

What an amazing cause and experience 😊


Acs - Jo Logan

Remember you can go really slow before you fall off a bike! Just keep spinning. Good luck.


Anne White



Lindsay Fowles

Yes, the 300km sounds somewhat do-able, but the 4057m (!) of climbing, not so much. Yay for Bec!


Seva Karonis

Such a great cause. Go Rebecca!!



So proud of your amazing effort. You are such an inspiring, special, strong person. So much admiration. Go hard this weekend xx


Anthea Cockerill

Amazing effort!



good luck rebecca!! xx


Paul West

Go well Rebecca - makes a change you getting to go out on your bike as opposed to Wes!!


Sally Stoddart

You are amazing! You go girl! 💪🏻💪🏻


Minna Zhu

Go Rebecca!!!



You are just too funny!! Have an awesome weekend of pedalling. I hope its the start of a lifelong passion :)


Jessica White


Diana Burgess

Go the mighty Becstar


Kym Yuke


Annette Lose

Such an inspiration Rebecca, good on you girl. Good luck 😉


Angela Sibly


Debbie Edwards


Philip Hunter

Good luck Rebecca. Enjoy the ride.


Shelley Van Hoos

Getting you to a nice round number! I cant tell you how much I admire you and your commitment to such a wonderful cause.


Chryssa K

Good luck Bec!


Jan And Mike Mcchesney

Wow Bec. I have been following your blogs since you told me about this at the MS bike ride. You are amazing. You will smash this. You go girl.


Chris White

Go for it Becca - inspiring.


Lisa Evans


Mira Kang


Mandy Weidmann

Best of luck Bec!!!


Kamille Navarro

Good luck Rebecca!


Liz Hollingshead

Go Bec. Great challenge and I know you will do well x


Navraj Shergill


Jo Johnson

Great cause. Great work Becstar. xx


Georgie White

Great work Bec, you will be amazing!!


Rosie Hart

GOOD LUCK!!!!! You will do amazing. We all know it! You are an inspiration! xx



You’ve got this.


Lucy Shalley

Goooo, gooo, Rebecca, being a strong and furious woman to conquer the ride!!!!


Adrian Shalley

All the best Rebecca (Lucy on behalf of Adrian ^^). Enjoy the journey!



Happy to donate to a worthwhile cause. Have fun going up that mountain. Adrienne and Michael


Jessica White

Here's some extra cash Bec in lieu of bubbles - will get you the real thing when you're done!



You are amazing! If anyone can do this you can!


Alysha White

Good luck Bec. Go for gold !