Pedaling hard to pay it forward!

After many years of being inspired by my brother Berrick (founder of the Chain Reaction Challenge Foundation), I have finally signed on to ride this year’s CR Womens 300 on the Gold Coast in November. I’m equal parts utterly terrified and totally pumped for the experience. 

It is going to mean a LOT of training and personal sacrifice but I am riding to support the outstanding work being delivered by our charity partners Traction and White Ribbon Australia and that’s what will keep me going as I grind over 100km and more than 2000m on the dreaded second day! 

I am aiming to raise a minimum of $3000 for Traction and the White Ribbon Foundation. Traction delivers proven mentoring and training programs that change the trajectory of the lives of at-risk young people for the better. 

White Ribbon Foundation delivers school based programs designed to promote respectful relationships and aims to build a culture of respect and equality for a better future. 

Every dollar helps and all donations over $2 are tax deductible so please consider helping in whatever way you can.

I will be posting regular updates on the progress of our intrepid Victorian shield maidens as we keep riding through lockdown, so keep an eye out for those on my socials. 

Thanks in advance, your support really means a lot.











My Updates

We have broken the back of it!

Last week we tackled some big hills (well they were definitely challenging for the majority of us). Somewhere on the way out to Woop Woop (possibly Warrandyte or what felt like Warburton) I made the silly mistake of saying how lucky it was that none of our team had been injured during  our training program. Far from  it, we were all getting stronger and faster week after week. Well that off the cuff remark must have annoyed the cycling gods and not a day later, I was laid up with a lower back problem! 

Having seen the physio yesterday and been told to rest, stretch and medicate I am using this time to book my bike in for a service and to marvel at how far our merry little band has come on this journey to date. 

When we began, getting out of bed at 5am seemed hard, training in the cold and dark was foreign, hills were intimidating and speed sessions were tortuous.  The past 10 weeks of early starts, Tabata, vo2 Max efforts, endurance and hill repeats have seen me going from a somewhat reluctant early riser to someone I hardly recognise. I now have my gear ready the night before so I can get out of the house quickly and quietly, I have worked out what nutrition works for me and my body, I have learned that hydration means drinking frequently and  well before I feel thirsty and that hills, like fears, are there to be conquered. 

With just over two weeks to go, I am amazed at the generosity of my donors - you have helped us to raise over $370,000 for Traction and White Ribbon Australia so thank you for getting on board. 

Our goal is in sight, it’s just over the next hill, I promise! 

Ride on…

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

Well a few weeks into our training with Dave McKenzie and both our timeclocks and our body clocks are beginning to adjust. For a recreational cyclist with the luxury of time, I must admit I have always been a ‘pro hours’, fair weather rider. 

Haha! Welcome to Chain Reaction training with Macca with a minimum of 3 and more likely 5 rides a week starting at 6.30am sharp. Melbourne weather has not been cooperative either dishing out some chilly, foggy and rainy mornings but we have mostly braved the elements in the name of progress and preparation. We have learned to wash our trusty steeds after each outing!

Our first velo session ended with some hill repeats that included a segment ominously called ‘Puke Ya Guts’.Thankfully I didn’t and we all made it up the hills without incident although I was definitely sucking in air by the top of repeat three.  

We have discovered some interesting climbs off the Boulie and practiced  tight cornering and descents at the Crit circuit which was fun. The Tour de Burbs session last Sat definitely tested my abilities on the hills around Alphington, Ivanhoe and Rosanna but I discovered that  pre-emptive gear selection and grunting  is the larger cyclist’s best friend. Well that and thinking about the coffee and team chat I will enjoy at the end!

Today we returned to the velodrome and those dreaded  hill repeats but what do you know?  When I checked my Strava feed there was incremental but definite improvement — PBs on all the hills! 

I may be building from a low base but that doesn’t matter because I know that each km ridden, each metre climbed and each dollar raised is making a difference. 

Which reminds me of the lyrics of a Daft Punk song….

Work it harder, make it better
Do it faster, makes us stronger
More than ever, hour after hour
Work is never over

Until next time! 

Kindness like Covid, is contagious!

Earlier this week,  my fundraising tally sat at just under half way to my $3,000 target so I decided to appeal directly  to friends, family and colleagues to help build some momentum. I sent an email out letting you all know what Chain Reaction means to me and my family and why I am riding. I also let you know about our amazing charity partners Traction and White Ribbon Australia and what your donations will mean for kids they support.  

Your response has been nothing short of incredible! First  one donation and then another and another until this evening, you guys helped my to exceed my original goal of $3,000! It truly was a chain reaction of caring. 

Thank you! 

The first donation was an act of  kindness that  inspired others to donate and we are now really on a roll! So here’s the thing, just as I climb a challenging hill in training and then prepare to conquer another even higher one, I am going to increase my target to $4,000 and see where this lands come December 5. 

Onwards and upwards! 

PS if you haven't yet donated and would like to jump on board the kindness train, you can do so here. 

Numbers are up but so is my motivation!

This 6th lockdown has been really tough for us living in Melbourne. I can’t overstate it. After over 200 days locked down over 18 months we are mentally fatigued, unsure of what the future might bring and really sick of Zoom, sourdough baking, Netflix and Uber Eats. The novelty wore off about a year ago!

On the bright side though Spring is here and we have had a taste of the warmth and sunshine Mother Nature plans to deliver in the coming weeks. Team Vic has organised a few Sunday sessions on Zwift for those with trainers and other ladies have met up for up to 2 hour IRL rides either along the bay or around Albert Park. 

It was so great to finally get outside and give the new training kits a spin this week. In more good news I was thrilled to receive a donation from a lovely lady in Gippsland who sent me a cheque to go towards my fundraising target. I am almost halfway there! 

Last night, we received our training manuals from Dave (Macca) McKenzie which provided some suggested routes/strategies for those of us training whilst still in lockdown. The key, as with most things in life, will be flexibility, consistency and persistence. 

We have got this! 

Thank You To My Donors


Proud of you!


Mirjana Wilson

You go girl!


Andrew Batey

Better you than me kiddo. Good effort. Bates


Marshall And Elizabeth Wilson

Keep up the good work to help others and have a safe ride.


Berrick Wilson

Great commitment on the training and the fundraising Nicky. Inspirational effort - thank you!!


Sue Heine

Hi Nic, have been meaning to make this donation for ages - what you’re doing is amazing, you go girl! Looking forward to seeing you soon xxx


Margaret Hamilton

Ride like the Wind Nicky! Thank you for your commitment. You do us all proud. Xx


Delwyn Madge

Great job Nicky, keep training and give it your all .... wish I could join you! Have a great ride and thank you for your dedication to helping others.


Daria Ball

A fantastic thing you are doing Nicky - well done. Keep pedaling - Daria x


Jenny Godson

Go Nicky! Very worthwhile cause & wish you the very best of luck & success XX




Alison C

Mighty impressed Nicky! All the best with the ride. Happy to support a great cause.


Daron And Raquel White

Well done Nic for taking on this positive action during this difficult time. Please keep us posted along the way as your personal cheer squad. Daron and Raquel


Jacinta Costello

Good on you Nicky!!! Go girl.


Emil Foller

Great to hear you joined the lycra brigade. Good luck on your journey


Paul Angelatos

Get it done Nick!


Marcus Rodda


Paul Leahy

Nice work Nicky! for a great cause.


Michelle Watt

Well done you!!


Cherie & Steve Whan

Love your commitment and cause xx


Kim Lehmann

So proud of you Nic - you’re such an inspiration xx


Mark Tonner-joyce

Go hard NW. Love your commitment. M


Craig And Helen Underhill

You are awesome 😎 Nick-eee!


Craig And Helen Underhill

Great work Nicky


Andrew & Irene Mccoll

Go you good thang! Looking forward to catching up once Dan the Man and all-Barr-none let us back into Victoria!!


Scott & Yas

Well done Nic, very impressed and very inspirational xx


Michael Mcgoogan


Peter Neil


Roger Hammond

Strange things happen, you'll have to thank cgu insurance for this one!


Libby And Ian

Excellent work my friend and very inspirational. Very proud of you xx


Ane Gale

Well done Nicky......great cause


Denis White

Hope this helps. All the best Nic, great challenge, great charities. Love from Dad & Margaret


Alex & Jackson

Have a great ride Nicky!! Xx


Lucy White

So proud of you Mum! I’ll be there to cheer you home at the finish line 💓


Caitlin And Nathan Wilson

Riiiiiide on!


Nathalie Foos

Bravo Nicky, c’est impressionnant ! Bonne chance 👍


Karen Bramich

So proud of you Nicky!


Sue Younger

Go Nicky.


Peter Horvat



Such a great thing you are doing. All the best with your ride Nicky!


Mick Keogh

What a commitment - rewarding for you and for many! Keep on grinding, ride on!


Natalie Laufmann

You’re a beast Nic!! You’ve got this! X


Dara Carmichael

Good luck and best wishes for a successful outcome, strong legs and a comfy saddle!


Kerry Oster

Go Nicky!


Michelle Hollis

You go girl!!! XX


Jan Mitchell

Good on you Nicky! I hope you do really well on the ride and raise lots for a great cause Jan x


Cheryl Randall

Awesome effort Nicky congratulations 👏🏻


Chris Black

Happy to support you, Nicky. Greetings from Scotland!


Andre Obradovic

Week done Nicky keep up the great work... Hope this small donation helps.


Ruth Borger

Go Nic!!!


Amanda Mcdonald

Good luck for a great cause! :)


Deborah Dohnt

Hey Nic What an amazing cause, very proud of you and your team


Jess, Pete & Lily Mccoll

Very proud of you Mum - RIDE ON!!! Xxx


Tracey Mitchell

What a great way to challenge yourself, keep fit all at the same time, raise money to help a charity that’s close to your heart. All the best with the ride. Trace🥰


Louise Worth

Way to go Nicky - good luck!


Carmel Sutherland-tomey

Well done Nicky! Great cause and fantastic effort! 🚴🚴



Great work Nicky


Pauline Griffiths

Great effort Nicky


Katherine Stitfold


Debra Tulloch

Nice one Nic - go you!


Katrina Haydon

Gooo Nic!! You’ve always been an incredibly capable, resilient, inspiring and generous powerhouse of a woman and this is just another example of that. With you every step (or I guess pedal) of the way!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Lots of love and best of luck, Kat xx


Kerry L Willcock

Great effort Nicky! Go well x


Andrea Corcoran

Keep peddling. xx


Jo Ross

Good on you Nicky! 🙂


William White


Ellie Williams

Good luck Nicky! All the best for the ride.



Good luck Nicky xxx