Joanne Maddison

2021 Sydney Challenge

7 days,1000km and enough uphill to summit Mount Everest, twice.

Yes, that's right - I'm doing another crazy cycling challenge. Yes it will hurt (even padded shorts aren't gonna cope with this), yes I will need to eat my weight in croissants and yes,its going to be really, really tough.

Since I moved to Sydney nearly 6 years ago I have promoted women's cycling and got more ladies on bikes. I encourage ladies of all abilities to take part in cycling events to challenge themselves, meet other ladies and have fun. I'm taking part in Chain Reaction to show those ladies we CAN do this.

As a lawyer turned Women's Health & Fitness professional I founded The Affinity Space to train women during and after pregnancy. I help them get back to exercise safely and help them and their families live healthy, active lives.

However, I didn't entirely leave the corporate world as I also work, at director level, for local and international startups helping them build systems, be more efficient and ultimately scale. 

I have also worked with charities and over the last year fund raising has been extremely tough - my love of cycling, completing a "must do before I'm 40" and supporting some worthwhile causes made me sign up for Chain Reaction 2021.

Chain Reaction supports 3 charities who bring happiness to sick children, children living in poverty in Kenya & Tanzania and women & children who have experienced domestic violence.  They are all doing much needed work and I hope you will join me in supporting them. 

I'll be featuring them all in the lead up to the epic ride, so make sure you follow me on social media and check back on this blog.

Let the training commence!

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My Updates

5 days to go!

It's only 5 days until I set off and my team and I are ready to ride and support So They Can - a charity supporting young women and children through education.

Check out how helping young people get a good education can change their future:

Thank You To My Donors

Louise And Tony

Hope it’s not to painful and what a massive achievement. Good luck stay safe Tony and Louise xxxx



Go beast mode on those hills Jo!


Ed & Sarah

Good luck. Your poor bottom... pack lots of assos! All the best, Ed and Sarah x


Michael White

Go Jo, Keep going, and stay strong And stay safe, Katie and mike


Secret Affair

Please think of me all the way round singing “she’s Mrs Jotivatoooooor”


Gen Bae

Go Jo!!! You're a star!! Xx


Dan And Mike

Go you good thing!! Think of all the curry at the end! As mama ru would say “You better WERKKKKKK”


Selina Kern

They whispered to her, “You cannot withstand the storm.” She whispered back, “I am the storm!” Go Jo, you are amazing!!!


Petra Buchanan

Go Jo! Enjoy the ride and your time away.


Sandra Bridgewaterdunn

Go Jo go!!!



Good luck Jo! It will be tough but you can do it 💪💪


Yavani Govender

Woohooo you go Jo!!


Raashi K

Inspiring as always Jo! I hope you have the best time - can’t wait to see you on the other side x Ps. Hope you’ve packed the chamois cream 😳



That’s my girl. So proud I know you can do it.






Jen Bullock

I have no doubt you’ll smash it. Have fun & keep smiling!