Hamish Priddle

NSW Ride 2019

Help me support kids in need

Took up cycling again 10 years ago for commuting after getting frustrated with peak hour traffic and looking for a new excercise after blowing the lower back rowing.

Haven't looked back since and I enjoy riding through the various national parks around Sydney.

Looking for a way to give back to the community, in 2018 I joined the Chain Reaction ride for the first time and in 2019 am back for more cameraraderie and personal challenges in the pursuit of being able to make a difference to kids in need.

Appreciate your ongoing support helping me achieve my goals for 2019.

Thank you to my donors



Brent Paddon

It's a good thing you're doing mate. Best of luck....







Have fun Hamish!




Joshua Theunissen


L Priddle


Sarah Walter

Enjoy the ride and hope your artery doesn't burst :)




Tim Barnes

Good luck buddy . I am sure you will kill it


Gregory Richards

Enjoy the hills!


Lambdas Co Pty Ltd - Nesh

Hey Hamish, hope you are not as sore as last time...


Adrian De Santi

Good Luck mate for a good cause


Glenn Hooker

Love ya work mate - well done


Brendan Lynch

Just keep peddling......