David Triston-Rattay

2022 Sydney 7 Day Challenge

Help me support kids in need

I am challenging myself to and others to ride my bike a very long way to help raise money for this excellent charity.  Helping our children to have better lives has to be one of the most important thing we can do as adults.  I'm pleased to have the ability to be able to do something like the Chain Reaction Challenge and the thought of both the children and those that support this great event will be my main motivation driving me to ride those extra kilometers when everything is hurting.  Thanks for your support.

My Updates

Getting back into riding

Although I've done a couple of long charity rides in the past, it's been several years and I'm feeling some age and lack of training.  Been doing a few longer rides, lost a couple of kgs, and feeling much better.  Still a long way to go to be ready but flights are booked so I have to do it now.

Thank You To My Donors

David Triston-rattay


Michael Alp

Go David Go!!!


Vlad Markovic

Time for a massage 😁


Nick Paddon-row

Good luck DTR!


Peter Alexander

Go well DTR


Graham Tanton

Great cause DTR💪💪💪


Karen Hoong

Best wishes.


Mr John Paloni

Have fun David


Kellie Wheeler


Altay Ayyuce

Good luck DTR !!