Please help me support kids in need

As crazy as it may seem I am in hard training for another epic fundraising cycle week. We will cycle over 1,000km in 7 days, exploring all that Tasmania can throw at us. A close friend, who is an engineer, advised that the heartland of Tasmania is full of brutally steep climbs. These roads were only meant as service roads when building the hydro-electric scheme, so are utilitarian (steep and uncompromising). It’s going to hurt!,
Why am I doing this? Because most of us in Australia are very fortunate and I believe in trying to help those who have not had the opportunities I have had. This year we are riding for 2 great causes.
1: So They Can, a hugely impactful NGO working in Kenya and Tanzania. So They Can provides quality education for kids as well as wider support to disadvantaged communities. So They Can are  also working hard to prevent the horrific practice of genital cutting in teenage girls in remote Kenyan communities. These girls want to complete school, gain an education and be independent, rather than forced into marriage as a young teenager, with limited prospects for any freedom of choice and quality of life
2: Baptist Care Hope Street is an Australian organization helping those who are homeless, suffer from mental health challenges, and women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.
Both causes do incredible work and I hope you can support me to support them. Many thanks, Andrew

Thank You To My Donors



F Cancellara

2 great causes. Ride strong


Margaret Bloxham

Hope the ride goes well.


Utting Research


Andrew Bloxham


Greg Griffiths

That beer will taste magnificent at the end AB!


Zoran Ilic

Keep it up Andrew but you are a bit crazy :)


Greg Day

go you old geezer


Louise Bloxham

Good Luck. Hope your ride goes well.xx


Robert B

Good on you Andrew. Hope you cruise up the hills.


Peter Mangioni

Great cause Andrew - good luck


Jc Wight & Co

I hope the thrill of the descent makes up for the pain of the climb


Keri Chittenden

Go Andrew !!! Amazing challenge and thanks again for doing this ride to help so many people. Good luck x



Good luck mate


Alan John Thompson


Michelle Goldstone

Good luck Andrew. Will be an amazing trip. Thank you for supporting such a great cause. MG


Philip Whitmont

Train hard. Ride hard. Party hard!


Bron And Tim Hand

Tez would be sooo proud :)


Simon Greig

Well done and good luck mate.


James Murchison


Robert Seymour

Great work Andrew for a great cause.


Tim Richards

Impressive effort, Chapeau.


Rod Campbell-ross


Kate Mura

Good luck!! xxx


Leanne Stewart


Gary Conaty

Enjoy the Ride Andrew for 2 great causes.


Clive And Susan Kirkpatrick

Susan and I wish you all the best mate


Pam Crampton

Good luck Andrew


Anne Bailey

A champion effort for a champion cause.



Proud of your achievements AB and inspired by your motivation and achievements.


Jackie Crampton

Well done Andrew. Hope you survived those hills


Cass Treadwell

Extremely proud of you riding for our girls in East Pokot - thank you Andrew.


Alex Fuerbach

All the best Andrew, two very great causes! Enjoy your ride, hope the weather will be on your side!


Joe Foti

Great Causes Andrew, Good Luck and safe travels.


Warren Robert Burden


Peter Valeontis

Sounds like a great cause Andrew. All the best.


Julia Hutchinson

Wishing you success!