Inside the Peloton Sydney 2024 Day 2

03 Mar 2024

As the sun peeks over the iconic skyline of Docklands, we set off on day two from Melbourne to Ballarat. This was actually day one of the original script, but due to recent significant bush fires in the areas of our planned route our amazing ride director (Tim Chadd) pivoted seamlessly to keep us safe whilst still providing an awesome Chain Reaction experience and challenge.

The chilly embrace of the brisk morning air, unmistakably Melbourne in its essence, sets the stage for a day ahead filled not only with physical exertion but also with a trial of endurance emblematic of Chain Reaction Challenges. It serves as a poignant reminder of the noble cause we pedal for – to positively impact children in need.

We face the relentless challenge of riding into a headwind, becoming a formidable opponent, demanding perseverance, and mental fortitude. Each gust seems to test the resolve of the riders, but we press on, knowing that our efforts are contributing to a greater cause.

As the day unfolds, riding into a relentless headwind becomes our daily nemesis, testing the bunches resolve and fortitude.

At the 72Km mark we round up to The Hell of the West, adaunting climb that pushes even the most seasoned cyclists. The Garmin displays20%+, a visual reminder to the intensity of the ascent, with the struggle against gravity becoming a metaphor for the challenges faced by those the Chain Reaction Challenge support.

We push on to a much-anticipated lunch at the Gordons pub fora well-deserved respite. The warmth of the pub contrasts with the earlier cold,and the satisfying meal provides both nourishment and a chance for riders toregroup and share stories.

After lunch we’re pushing on to Ballarat with a detour to take in a lap of the Buninyong National Road Championship course, a fitting finale to a day of challenges and triumphs being a collective achievement for the peloton.

Then it’s a roll down to our accommodation in Ballarat, knowing we’ve not only conquered the road but also continue to fundraise with our brilliant sponsors, contributing a meaningful impact to those in need through the Chain Reaction Challenge.

Stats for the day.

Distance: 147.5Km

Elevation: 1,370M

Avg Speed: 25.5 Km/h

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