Inside the Peloton Melbourne 2024 Day 6

09 May 2024

After a number of back-to-back hard days of riding Day 6 of Chain Reaction was to be no different as we saw the bunch rolling out from Kooralbyn with tired legs and sore back sides to head off in pursuit of our final destination back on the Gold Coast! 130 kilometres to be covered and another 2000 meters of climbing. Who would have known Southern Queensland and Northern NSW had so many hills….

Today, Tom Davis of team KordaMentha/Jellis Craig led the group in the prestigious yellow jersey, celebrating his remarkable fundraising efforts of over $40,000 and 10 years of participation in Chain Reaction events. Tom embodies the values of Chain Reaction, and the group showed support and gratitude towards him as we neared the end of another day in the 2024 chapter. Tom received his yellow jersey at the previous night’s dinner, along with other riders acknowledged for their fundraising contributions and spirit: Tom Hayne (Black jersey), Ray Van Veenendaal (Blue jersey), Justin Holod (Polka dot), and first-year rider Nick Baker (White jersey).

The Jersey wearers did all the hard work early as we rolled through a very comfortable first 35 kilometers of flat and rolling roads and had for the first time this week the benefit of no rain, and a tail wind! Areal treat for the group.

The easy riding was short lived as we departed from our initial rest stop and navigated the winding roads towards our lunch spot at Binna Burra tea house, situated atop Lamington National Park. Though the scenery remained breathtaking throughout the day, the ascent became arduous, with steep gradients exceeding 13% along the way, leaving our weary bodies feeling strained and fatigued.

As we always do, the group dug deep and supported each other, and we made it to lunch unharmed with everyone acknowledging the tough climb that had been overcome and the magical view of the valley that awaited.

Sadly, the view was short lived and the rain that had followed us all week set in and couldn’t be avoided as we traversed back towards Beechmont with a brilliant 30km section of rolling hills ending in a magical descent which was enjoyed by all and left us a nice flat 18km to find our way back to the hotel on the Gold Coast with just one day to go!

The group has been remarkable, putting in tremendous effort. After one last massage and buffet dinner, they'll have the opportunity to take on day 7 and conquer this remarkable personal challenge. A Big day ahead awaits.

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