Inside the Peloton Melbourne 2024 Day 3

06 May 2024

First thing we did this morning was open the curtains to see blue skies! Instantly the memories of the drenching from yesterday diminished. At breakfast the chatter was about the brand of magnesium tablets that riders were using to relieve the cramps that were starting to appear across the peloton.

Cruising through the esplanades at Broadbeach was an interesting experience, some early morning exercisers in stark contrast to some all-night partiers on their way home.

We convened for morning tea at Jacobs Well, engaging in lively discussions about the impending challenge: the ascent of the majestic Mt. Tamborine. Following a leisurely morning ride on flat roads to warm up our legs, this iconic hill awaited as our next conquest.

We left the back roads and cane fields after morning tea, where we had made good pace on the flat and smooth roads. Next drink and refuel stop was at the base of Mt Tamborine and after riding single file on a busy main road skillfully protected and organised by the support team, we reach the drink stop at just under 100kms. The mountain looming in the distance reminding us of what was to come!

What a climb! The weather gods parked a cloud above Mt Tabourine for us. This time without the rain in it! Smooth surface, steady gradient and respectful traffic made for a sweet climb. As always on the hills, the group enters free play mode allowing every rider to ascend at their own speed, critical for preserving the energy and saving muscles. Also, a good opportunity for the fitter riders to open it up a little!

Lunch atop the iconic St. Bernards Hotel was satisfyingly ample for our hungry group, with hot dishes promptly served. A particular table seemed overwhelmed by the generous cheese sauce coating their gnocchi.

Fresh memories of yesterday's rain lingered, a discomfort shared by all, especially during uphill climbs. However, the absence of rain today brought relief, allowing the safety team to approve the descent from the steep mountain into the valley below. Safety remains paramount throughout the ride, with riders promptly following instructions communicated via radios, understanding the criticality of lane changes and maintaining single-file formation for the safety of all participants and the public.

Returning to the same hotel brings relief for riders, who immediately shift focus to end-of-day tasks: washing gear, packing, resting, massages, and crucially, rehydration. Tomorrow promises another significant day supporting children in need, marked by farewells to departing riders and crew, and welcomes to new arrivals.

Whilst waiting patiently in line for a quick maintenance massage or ice bath the conversation is always about what’s to eat tonight, also eagerly discussing what top Kaine will wear, who will receive the dark humour wrath of Andy McCann and how many photos each rider/team got in the slideshow selection and video for the Day which is previewed each night over dinner. Along with who will wear the coveted sponsor jerseys tomorrow across the border into NSW and into Ballina.

Photos from the day click here
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