Inside the Peloton Melbourne 2024 Day 1

04 May 2024
Day 1 was an absolute blast! Fifty-four riders kicked off from Palm Meadows this morning under the brilliant sunshine. It was time to hit the road and feel the rhythm of the peloton. Our destination: Nerang. And boy, did we make tracks!
After just 10 kilometers, we arrived at the world-renowned Nerang Velodrome and Criterion Circuit. The adrenaline was pumping as we tackled lap after lap of the crit course. And then, it was time for the main event: the Team Velodrome Races! The energy was electric as we zoomed around the track for 10 thrilling laps with two teams facing off against each other at a time.
But the excitement didn't end there! Our journey continued towards the breathtaking Springbrook National Park, with a left turn leading us to Austinville and the picturesque Austinville Valley. We conquered an epic 8-kilometer rainfores tloop, complete with river crossings and scenery that took our breath away. Who knew cycling could be so exhilarating and scenic at the same time?
With riders clocking in around 100 kilometers and 1500 meters of elevation gain, Day 1 couldn't have been more perfect. We're all buzzing with excitement and ready to tackle whatever the days ahead have in store for us! Bring it on!

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