Inside the Peloton Melbourne 2023 Day 7

18 Mar 2023
Every morning this week each rider would anxiously analyse the days ride ahead over an early morning breaky, and today felt very much like a Grand Final. With the hardest challenge in front of us, there was a silence within the team as we were all mentally preparing ourselves.

Hard to believe the week has passed us by and we only had 1 ride to go before we close out the week. Day 7, a 130km grind with 2 big climbs, first up Crown Range and second being the 1,200m 1.5hr slog up the Remarkables, the biggest of the week.

The Crown Range was a grind with spectacular views from the highest point in the country. We gathered for a picture and took our time descending breaking it into 3 parts to let the brakes cool down and avoid failure.

The roll into Queenstown was cruisy and the presence of the mountains surrounding us was spectacular and the time was upon us to tackle the most gruelling part of our week.
With weary and fatigued legs, there was some emotional riders at the base of the Remarkables looking up at the mountain. I don’t think anyone was prepared or aware of how brutal this next 10km was going to be.

We split into riding groups and the better riders taking off later to attempt to have the 55 riders hit the peak at one time.
Ranging from 8% to a whopping 23.9% there was never any moments to spin the legs to have a rest up the hill. There is nothing like this in Melbourne and I don’t think there was anyway any of us could have prepared for this.

3km up, the view below was amazing watching planes fly in below us! Sweat dripping, the breeze was chilly and the sun beating down the pain was real. The support crew were spread at various points, offering encouragement, snakes and a gentle nudge to provide some relief.

At 8km up and 2km to go, the gradient got steeper. If you’ve done any tough endurance activity, the lactic acid burning through your legs. Quads, Hammys, Calves all on fire. This is where the emotion kicks in, you want to get off and walk. Then you think about why we’re here….. The children and the families who all benefit from the equipment and support from Monash Children’s & Starlight foundation. Lives saved, lives extended and the unfortunate end for some brightened in their last days.

A constant pep talk to ourselves to mentally block out the pain was the only thing that forced us to continue creeping each metre. Finally we looked up and we could see the finish… only 500m to go. There’s no chance you’re getting off now with the riders who have already completed the summit clapping and yelling out encouragement. The next part is a blur and finally… I’m there. Clip out, drop the bike and hug the nearest people there as emotion overcomes us taking in the view of Queenstown, trying to comprehend what we’ve just accomplished. This ride tested us all and I’m grateful I have had the opportunity to participate this week with so many amazing people and push myself beyond my limits, while raising badly needed funds for such a great cause.
A sincere thank you to everyone involved with Chain Reaction for putting on another incredible challenge and keeping all 50 riders safe all week. Your ongoing help, support and encouragement was what got the team across the line. It wouldnt be possible without each and every one of you.
What we’ve managed to accomplish as a team throughout the week, and most importantly, with our fund raising efforts is truely remarkable. This week will stay with us all forever.

Photos from the day: CLICK HERE
Daily Video Highlights: CLICK HERE