Inside the Peloton Melbourne 2023 Day 4

15 Mar 2023

As we look toward the half way point of our journey the teams spirits are high after some recent amazing scenery and weather. 

Day 4 greets us in similar fashion as the peloton is bused from our sleepy location in Greymouth to the small town of Ross where our 2 wheeled journey continues. 

The chill of the morning air is quickly dissolved as the sun rises above the inland mountain ranges that flank our path along the sweeping west coast. 

Rolling hills through the morning are enjoyed by all as whispers in the peloton circle around the task at hand after lunch. 

Our early morning stops in small coasted villages are set amongst lush green local sports fields.

The sun continues to shine post our lunch stop and our collective breaths are taken away by massive glaciers and river ways  at the base of the mountains we start to wrestle with. 

As we climb our way toward Fox Glacier the pain in our legs and tiered bodies only reminds us of the reason we are here, thoughts of our charity partners spure us further into the mountains.

The challenge of our day and in particular the climbing is rewarded by a sweeping and stunning descent into todays final destination. 

138km and 1943m of climbing is banked by the Melbourne Chain team of 2023 

Photos from the day: CLICK HERE
Daily Video Highlights: CLICK HERE