Inside the Peloton Day Six

17 Mar 2022
For me any day riding with Chain Reaction is an adventure. I get to ride in amazing places, like Tasmania, where I would normally never get the opportunity to. Any ride with a hill climb and descent I’m happy with but I must confess I was very excited to finally ride on Bruny Island!
Let’s go firstly though to the amazing and most important news that we have raised over $800,000 - a fantastic achievement. That money makes such a difference to the kids in need so a huge thank you to everyone who donated. It makes all the training and hard work so worthwhile.
The day started with a beautiful sunrise - the red clouds casting beautiful reflections on Hobart harbour. We set off at 7am and were greeted with a 2km pretty steep hill to get the heart started and the legs going. Luckily the view of Hobart at the top made the climb all worthwhile. From there it was an undulating ride all the way to the ferry. Lots of traffic but the peloton is now a well oiled machine - single file, two by two, front guys keeping a steely pass, it's all working seamlessly.

We were right on time for the ferry to Bruny Island - a short 15 min journey. By now the sun was up, only a few scattered clouds and light cooling northly wind. A great break and now we were all very excited…
Everything you hear about Bruny is true - I think today was my favourite day - beautiful coastline, white sandy beaches, untouched brown scorched landscapes, very few cars - beautiful for riding. The pace was on for our first stop to the famous Bruny Island isthmus called The Neck. A narrow split with the ocean on one side and a sheltered bay on the other. We climbed the 200 steps to the Truganini lookout for spectacular 360d views.

Sadly we had to jump back on the bikes and ride the 75km back to Hobart. By now the north wind was really up so the front guys did a great job dragging us all home. A few fun free plays to the ferry, a tough slog into Hobart with a cooling rain shower and the day was done. Only one day to go and Mt Wellington to climb. My body will be glad for a rest but I must say I’m kind of sad it is nearly all over. Now to dream of next year.
A personal thank you to my wonderful family, my lovely generous friends, my good mates at SC cycling - you all got me here so thank you so much.
David Costa
Team Vicinity (small team big dreams)