Inside the Peloton Day One

12 Mar 2022
It is always a challenge getting to the first ride; negotiating the extensive training regime around work and family life; the fatigue that inevitably sets in, and of course pushing to raise awareness for the course.  This year has been a little more complicated than those past, with many cyclists falling prey to the inflictions of COVID and for an unlucky few, the recent Brisbane floods have been devastating for both homes and businesses. Despite these incredible obstacles, very few riders have bowed out – an incredible testament to the commitment of our teams this year.
Launceston hosts us for a few days and our first ride sees us chasing the banks of the Tamar River for 85km. This was the perfect ride to spin out any excited nerves and gauge the leg conditioning.

This will be my second Chain Reaction Challenge, having taken some time between to focus on my family; with my first ride being in Adelaide perhaps 5 years ago. An enduring memory of that first challenge was the comradery that developed over the course of the week, something that has built into friendships that continue even now.

There was a taste of this energy today, as we managed the peloton around the river and negotiated the rolling hills, there seemed to be an acute awareness that not everyone had the best preparations, that the lungs may have been heavy and legs slightly undercooked. Don’t get me wrong, there was the usual cheeky banter, the pointing out of rubbing disc brakes and squeaky knees was rife, but it was clear to me, that the nerves at the start line, quickly transformed to galvanise the teams in an effort to finish the day. A force which will no doubt grow as the days roll on and help us all complete the many kilometers ahead of us.