Inside the Peloton Day 6

31 Mar 2022
A chilly Hobart morning greeted us for the penultimate day of the ride as we headed off to an island off an island; grinding up Mount Nelson we made our way quickly to the surrounding rolling hills.
The descent to the Bruny Island ferry was as cold as it gets, with frozen hands clutching at breaks. A blustering wind greeted us on the ferry, as layer after layer was heaped on, in a desperate bid to stary warm.

The strong wind, rain and cold temperature tested all riders’ grit as we made our way around the island, making our way past wineries, raspberry farms and fromageries and some stunning open coastlines.
We found ourselves surrounded by water riding through ‘The Neck’, a long strip of land connecting north and south Bruny, dividing the open ocean and the bay, offering a memorable moment with views to the mainland and out to sea.

We eventually made our to ‘Adventure Bay’ for lunch; known as a popular spot for swimming; surprisingly there were no takers.
Following lunch we made our way back to the ferry and onto the ‘big island’ taking on final kilometer’s we made our way into constitutional dock for a much earned rest.
A good day was had by all on the bikes with big smiles all round.