Inside the Peloton Day 2

27 Mar 2022
Chain Reaction Day 2 – Richie Port Loop ~133km with 1850m elevation

I can’t believe Richie does this for fun!

After a gentle introduction to Chain Reaction for the majority of our team, day 2 was the first real test for us riding the famous Richie Port Loop.

Thankfully the weather continues to be in our favour – starting the day with a fairly mild 12 degrees and minimal cloud cover. We left Launceston at 7am and after shaking out the legs for a few km, commenced our first climb of the day.

The peloton set a lively pace early on and the group was riding well. At the 20km mark the call came over the radio’s for ‘free play’ which set everyone off on their own for the next 30km as we climbed up into the clouds for our first stop.

After a quick stop and a photo shoot, it was a fast decent into the valley and the next 50km of rolling hills. The teams were all split up and each team worked well to get through the rolling hills with a few sharp pinches before we rolled into a much needed lunch stop.

Spirits were high again after lunch (the sausage rolls were a hit) and with only 35kms left before Launceston, the peloton once again set off with zelus, only to discover two more energy sapping climbs.

Finally, after 7 hours on the saddle, 133km and over 1800m of elevation we rolled into Launceston with smiles all around.

A fantastic day out on the bike – now time to recover and do it all again tomorrow!