Inside the Peloton Brisbane 2023 Day 7

01 Apr 2023
The nerves certainly peaked for Day 7! There was a real sense of excitement and anxiety in anticipation of a significant and spectacular climb up The Remarkables for our final day.
Another brisk start to the day but the light rain didn't dampen spirits knowing that it was official - the Brisbane ride had tipped the total funds raised by Chain Reaction through the $40 million mark.

The peloton set off from Queenstown for a loop along the lakeside to Glenorchy, before weaving back through Queenstown and towards the mountain climb - 9kms and with an average 9-degree incline.
The theme song of Day 7 was "Stairway to Heaven" and the skies cleared as we set off.

By the time we hit the "you are halfway" sign with legs tiring, riders realised we had to dig deep and grind for one last effort. So high is this road to the winter wonderland that at regular intervals, we were able to admire arriving and departing planes from above their flight path in and out of Queenstown's airport.
The Chain Reaction spirit was alive and well. The fizz was back! Encouraging words between riders, helpful pushes from the support crew and our coach ensured a safe arrival at the summit.

The riders and support crew celebrated in Queenstown with margaritas and fajitas and set sights on the next Chain Reaction adventure.
Chain Reaction is a spectacular model that makes a meaningful difference in our community. The vehicle is a gruelling physical and mental challenge - a powerful, bonding experience for a generous community of sponsors, donors, riders and support crew that rally around a cause - to support kids in need.
As one rider shared, "the chance to help kids and families who are less fortunate than ourselves - there is no better feeling in the world!".
On behalf of the riders, our heartfelt thanks to the entire Chain Reaction community for the privilege to take part and raise much needed funds for our charity partners - AEIOU Foundation and TRACTION For Young People

Photos from the day: CLICK HERE
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