Inside the Peloton Brisbane 2023 Day 1

26 Mar 2023
In 2018 we came to the land of the long white cloud, and it was time to introduce a new peloton of riders to their first Chain Reaction Challenge.

Nervous as always on the first day, we rolled (then flew) across the Christchurch suburbs to experience a welcome from the local Māori tribe: Mihi Whakatau. Several riders were chosen as chiefs to accept the welcome from the local chief. For them it was a little like facing the All Blacks doing a haka.

It wasn’t long before we were out of town through farmland and the protection of the farmer’s windbreaks. The group, together for the first time, gelled instantly and made fantastic time down the road towards the first of the hills that overlook Christchurch.

You know when the real hills are about to start when the call  “free ride” comes across the radio. That’s when riders are given the liberty of the road and the faster ones in the bunch challenge themselves to the gradients ahead. The climb was 7.5km at nearly 7% average, but with numerous pinches and twists and turns to test the legs. Climbs like this bring lots of false summits and heavy sigh that there is more climbing ahead. But you know that there is reward at the top, with a heady descent the prize.

onight, we recognised the achievements of riders who have raised significant money and made major contributions to Chain Reaction through multiple rides. That will be the theme all week, as we are here for the kids. We have raised over $500,000 with 30 riders. New faces, new jerseys, new sponsors. The spirit of the Chain reignited in a land, not unlike our home, replete with stories, fantastic landscapes and luminous mountains ahead.

Tonight's jersey winners were:

Orange, Leader jersey, sponsored by Pure Storage went to: Tom Watson

Black, Spirit of Chain Reaction jersey, sponsored by LSH Auto went to Jason Bird

Polka Dot, King/ Queen of the Mountain jersey sponsored by MiniBody Engineering went to Euan Morton

Retro, 7-Eleven Jersey sponsored by Griffith Group and supported by 7-Eleven went to James Morton 

Photos from the day: CLICK HERE
Daily Video Highlights: CLICK HERE