CRW300 - 2019 Stage 1 Blog

11 Oct 2019

Day 1 

This morning 40 ladies congregated at Victoria Park Golf Course with some degree of trepidation about the weather. Local weather lady Jenny Woodward was on speed dial for 'the good oil' on the weekend's forecast - what is reality and what is hype... 

At breakfast riders engaged in some carbo loading and five worthy riders were afforded the following competition jerseys;

Yellow (KordaMentha): Thea Villani
Green (Craggy Range): Kat Donohue
Black (LSH Auto Australia): Nicole Haynes
Polka Dot (Urbex): Leisl Packer
White (Premise): Rachel Vogel 

A few quick prayers to the weather gods and we shimmered into the air conditioned coach en route to Glass House Mountain where Day 1 of the ride would begin.

For the social media minded, hashtags oozed from brains for the ride ahead, all giving a nod to our generous team sponsors, friends and family who have supported us.

It's worth noting the composition of the five teams this year; 18 of the 40-strong peloton are first-timers.

Greeting us at Glass House Mountain was the gorgeous and pregnant Claire O'Rourke and Chain Reaction legend POK (Peter O'Keefe), both performing the honours ringing the cow bells as riders swiftly prepared to get underway.

We headed out with 10 kilometres of flat terrain ahead, so excited to be rolling in sunshine through the Maleny Ranges with a combination of free play and elite peloton formations.

After our morning exertions we were greeted with a delicious lunch at Flaxton Gardens which boasts specatcular views across the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

However, time was of the essence and the peloton regathered before gliding to the briefing point for a final descent into Nambour, putting into practice the multiple ups and downs of Mt Cootha (courtesy of Coach Kirsty and her Assistant Dave).

The sunny coast has been given a 10/10 by all riders, reaching Twin Waters with barely a splash of rain on our bods.  Compliments to the Chain Reaction logistics and road crew for keeping us on time.

Day 1 was completed with 86kms banked and $375,000 raised so far.  Look out $400,000, we're coming for you!

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- Michelle Gray