Chain Reaction Queensland - Postscript

12 Mar 2018

Some of you have crossed back to home, to loved ones and ready for the ritual of life. Others squeezed in a ride up Coronet Peak. We missed it on Friday but it will be there when you come back.

Others opted for rest and recreation, relaxing with family and friends over wine and fine food.

Sore limbs, cracked lips, aching butts and worse, leave a kiwi mark on our tour. Windblown faces in the frame of photos that record another big week in the passage of these  rides display pride and humour, character, determination and commitment.

To Peter O’Keefe we offer special thanks and admiration. Most of us secretly admit riding into another age is unlikely, making the strength of your efforts rather unique.

Chain Reaction is special. It may not appeal to every class of rider but it is life-changing. And down the years you might just get a little breeze of the chain reaction spirit on the nape of your neck, a tiny draw of your own breath, a little wave of meaning washing over you, as it dawns that changing the lives of others through what we do for kids in need, might just change yours.

Thank you for making it special.


Michael Byrom


Qld Organising Committee