Blog - 2019 CRVIC Stage 4

12 Mar 2019

Chain Reaction Stage 4

As we start Day 4, we need to recap on the awards and presentation done last night (something everyone looks forward to as there is team rivalry and always tears of laughter).

The usual way it happens is every night we hand out awards of jerseys to riders that have won due to specific stand out things that day. Andrew McCann bucked this trend and decided to gift and award himself. Much to the amusement of the entire peloton the next day.

After a brief bus trip from Corryong to Tallangatta, the peloton was relieved that the day started with a flat section. We cruised through a good few hours of solid country flat peloton riding which as many said ‘it was a typical Chain Reaction day’. What it really means is we could have decent conversations, uninterrupted by a hill climb or fast descent, with the great people that this ride attracts. It’s pretty incredible how the friendships made from this ride and the training, to life long friendships which is what keeps people coming back year after year.

Today, being day 4, the feeling of tiredness really kicked in, with responses of ‘flat’ when asked how they were. Soreness from the 3 big days now separates those that have really trained for this endurance event and those that came in a little underdone

Mt Beauty – lived up to its name with a gorgeous lunch stop here before the beast to follow, otherwise known as Tawonga Gap.  At 7kms, it’s the longest climb of the week so far.

Although Chain Reaction isn’t a race, the competitive spirit comes out and it ultimately becomes a race to the top. For the record, our incredible coach Dave McKenzie showed us he is STILL a quality rider (and hasn’t just come for the beers) and reached a comfortable first. A very special mention to the first Chain Reaction rider Tim Jamieson, who clearly must have skipped lunch to keep the weight down, and powered up the climb outdoing spring chickens, 20 years his junior as he came in 2nd place, followed by the young James Hines.

A special mention to the girls today, particularly Ange and Amanda who were in the top 15 finishers over Tawonga Gap. They taught a few blokes what the term ‘being chicked’ means.

Not that it’s a race, but everyone was keen to check their Strava times at the end of the day.

The day finished with a smooth roll into Bright which took us past the renowned Bright Brewery, bringing a smile to everyone’s tired faces. Some may need reminding that we are here to ride bikes and not frequent breweries, but alas.

Jersey winners
Ben McGann - Blue (Kay & Burton)
Stuart McCormick - White (Domain)
Paul Higgins - Polka Dot (Rialto)
Mick Calder - Black (LSH Auto Australia)
Kyp Bosci - Green (Newmark Capital)
James Hines - Orange (Pure Storage)