2018 CRW300 Day 2 Blog

13 Oct 2018

Upon jumping on the bike for day 2, you would not pick the conditions for what they were… as John Ward cited last night “the worst conditions ever experienced in a Chain Reaction ride”…yeouch! Really? The sea of smiling faces, and the distinct lack of hesitation for jumping into the day ahead seemed to tell a different story.

For me, the only discomfort I was experiencing was one familiar to any rookie rider … that ginger feeling of getting back in the saddle (regardless of how life-changing the seat is, thanks Bronnie) but all-in-all – that discomfort was MINOR in the scheme of things. Especially when you put it into perspective to the WHY for this ride, that discomfort doesn’t even rate on the scale.

You can tell by the photos and video that today was much of the same conditions as Day 1 - constant rain, some a drizzle, some a steady beating but always with us with only brief respite. Our ride director, Tim was wise to shorten the course - we got a bit of a sleep in and had less potential suffering on the bike by cutting the course in half. He promised we will still make our 300 km target so this was by no means letting us off the hook with our supporters. So instead of a scenic loop through the hinterland up to Noosa and back down the coast, we tackled some local challenges instead, including some steep 10% climbs followed by fast descents. The shorten course allowed us a chance for a much needed warn shower, massage and a lunch that wasn’t rushed.

As with the previous night, we concluded the day with the jersey presentations - these riders will proudly wear their hard earned jersey across the finish line into the arms of awaiting family and friends.

  • White - Claire O’Rourke from team KM/Gowdie
  • Polka Dot - Alison Chambers from team YAC
  • Green - Cli Tormey from team Hutchies
  • Black - Michelle Grey from team Hutchies
  • Yellow - Em and Em (Pryor and Sartori) from team YAC

Part of the purpose of asking a rider to provide the daily blog is to share insight into the experience from a rider’s perspective. It’s easy to just recap the turns, hills climbed, kms clocked and time in the saddle from our Garmin or Strava readings. I want to share more than just my perspective as each of us gains something slightly difference from each challenge we face on a given day. The Queensland Chain Reaction riders have a bit of a tradition - at the end of each night’s presentation, the group gathers together to share their own high and low from that stage. As I started thinking about the contrasts of the Ride to describe in tonight’s blog, I thought it best to let a collection of a few of the highs and lows of Day 2 tell the story… (note many highlights have come from off the bike …)


Highlight – seeing Wardy dance after all these years

Highlight – Susie’s worm followed by the splits in the dance off

Lowlight – none!


Highlight – safe riding, and looking after one another.

Highlight – daggy dancing

Lowlight – I don’t have one!


Highlight – too many smiles for the counting

Lowlight – concern over the aftermath of Kirsty’s 80’s + 90’s music challenge and dance-off “there is no amount of nutrition that will save this, Sally”

Lowlight - Everyone riding past me on the hill, and no one offered me a lift


Highlight – cutting the course by half.

Lowlight – going down that crazy hill again in the pissing rain, again


Highlight – when Sally attacked (Editor note…. this attack was under instruction by Kat)

Lowlight – a lot of single file today


Highlight – the adrenaline and the adventure of that the descent effort in the teaming rain. “I could laugh or cry… I chose to laugh”


Highlight – sitting behind Simone and Patrice and helping her get up the hill on her Day 1 (Simone only joined us today)

highlight #2: Jackie’s yoga class post lunch

lowlight – the distance not being what we’d been prepared for – but grateful it didn’t happen!


Highlight – Dave running up Keil Mountain Road

Lowlight – the walk out of the beautiful viewpoint of Mapleton Falls


Highlight – Tina tuner simply the best taking us up the second ascent Keil Mountain Road (a.k.a. Keel Over Road)

Lowlight – eating bitumen on the downhill


Highlight – hugging my kids at the end!

Lowlight – the rain almost easing, and then starting up again for the descent


Highlight – the realisation I’ll need to do enough cycling in future to cope with the partying at the end as well – the 2 are entirely inseparable, which means workshop number one for the next Chain Reaction ride will cover in depth: nutritional management for preventing a hangover.

Lowlight – having to get off the bike at the end of the day. This is simply the most exceptional group of talented, driven, witty and amazing women I could ever hope to have met and be connected to. Each and every one is an inspiration, and I look forward to doing more kms with them as the years roll on

written by Sally Anderson