Help me support kids in need

As a novice cyclist (with minimal experience except a few laps of Richmond Park on a sunny day!) this is a huge challenge. Having just arrived in Australia, I am now attempting to complete 1000km+ and 12,000m+ vertical (1.3x Mt Everest) ride in 7 days. For the non cyclists - its the equivalent of cycling up to a ski resort each day for 7 days!  

Please support me in raising funds for two incredible children's charities, So They Can & BaptistCare HOPESTREET, who both do vital work in Kenya, Tanzania and Sydney.  

So They Can provides education for children living in poverty, with a focus on women and young girls looking to escape genital cutting, sexual abuse and early marriage.

BaptistCare HOPESTREET connects with children and their families who are trying to overcome personal trials , providing a much needed safe space for children aged 10-17 to go to.

Thanks for your support - it really makes the 5am wake ups and endless hill training worthwhile! 


My Activity Tracking


My target 0kms

Thank You To My Donors



Jules & David

This is one challenge that you'll always remember. We'll be tracking the training and the journey and wishing we could be there. Enjoy the Ride! Much Love M&D xx


Dom & Steph

You’re totally mad - good luck and hope it’s awesome more than it’s brutal!!! Love Dom & Steph





Good luck!


Ian Noble

Good luck Sarah - great country - hope you get a chance to enjoy it!!


Nick Jeffrey


Mark Dewar

Well done Sarah - that was some way to integrate yourself in to the local market....


Asjadi Hone

Go Sarah !!!


Matt O'keefe



Oliver Carter

Congratulations on the challenge Sarah and team - and for a great cause too....!


Ben Waters

Good luck Sarah - huge effort and a great cause


Jarad Stirling

Well done Matt. I'm sure team FTI will raise a considerable amount for kids. Enjoy those hills.


Kathryn Evans


Emma & Tristram Noble Royce

You are an absolute hero/complete lunatic! What an incredible challenge - we are so impressed and will be supporting you from afar, every pedal of the way. All our love - you got this our gal! xxxx


Catherine Jeffrey

Good luck Sarah from all the Jeffrey's! Keep up the great training and enjoy New Zealand.


Richard & Angela

Wishing you all the best.


Bourke Christine

Amazing challenge Sarah. Hope you enjoyed the sights whilst working hard ! Well done , lots of love from us all xxx


Peter Bowden

All the best from the G+T team.


Jt And Jem

Amazing Saz - such a cool event and great causes. Looking forward to hearing all about it!


Amy Gelevski

Good luck team!


Lizzie Mcwalter

YES NOBLE!!! Good luck with all the training! Wish I could be there for the event. Will be tracking you through the whole thing. Miss you and love you so much! Xxxxxx


Christopher Hill


Toby Browne

Good luck Sarah - amazing effort


Alex & John

Sarah, you are such a superstar!!! So incredibly proud of you doing this immense challenge! Good luck with all the remaining training and on the day. We know you'll smash it! Wish we could be there on the finish line to give you a huge hug and a big glass of champagne! Loads of love, Alex & John xxx



Good luck!!


Jimmy La Manga

+ one bottle of princess petrol on completion.


Miranda Bolton

So so so proud of you girlie! Go smash it xxxx


Maria Gifford

Best of luck and enjoy Great cause Thinking of you


Grace + Arthur

Good luck Sarah! Xx


Joe Jelfs

Hope it’s going well Saz!! So impressed with you and your dedication over the last few months!! See you soon to celebrate x


Michael Rothwell

Good Luck


Jon Hook

The 5am starts will be worth it! Best of luck


Ian Prideaux

Think about what you will see and experience rather than your legs! I am sure it will be incredible. I really enjoyed doing Land's End to John O'Groats with this mindset. Good luck!


David Mcgrath



Saz you superstar! So proud of you for this. Cheering you on all the way - good luck! All my love x


Cara Hyde

Go on girl!!!! Amazing challenge! So close now cannot wait to hear how it goes !!


Will Hedges

Good luck Saz!!


Katie Gilkes

Massive good luck Noble! I’m sure you will smash it, enjoy every minute and i hope there is plenty of cake and beer waiting at the end!! Gilko xxxxx


Charlotte Wright

I can only imagine how jealous Flora is of this. Best of luck and I hope you win x


Flora Greville

Am very jealous! Have an amazing time and keep me updated through your Strava. Lots of love and best of luck


Ali Cole

Well done Sarah!! You absolutely smashed it, what an incredible effort!


Ben Johnson

Well done Shnobes!


Liv Lock


Matt Timmons


Eve Pedder

Go Sarah!!!


Pusi & Bella

Good luck Saz! This is an amazing feat! We are sure you will smash it! X


Mariella & Sammy

An amazing cause and super proud for you! Don’t doubt that you’ll smash it. Lots of love x


Henry Lister

Good luck Sarah!


Dom Childs

Go on Saz!


Emily Bedford

Good luck!! You will smash it after all that training, looking forward to a celebratory rose by the beach afterwards!



Amazing cause! Goodluck S!


Ellie Aspinall

Best of luck you insane star!!! Know you’ll smash it and will be cheering you on from home. Sending all the love! Ellie xxx


Deaks And Pud

Good luck Sarah!!! Go smash it!


Emma Denley

An amazing challenge and such good causes!! Cheering you on from the UK xxx


Hannah Rogers

So proud of you Sarah! Lots of love, Han xxx


Rosemary Phillips Robinson

Good luck


Sarah L

Go on Saz!!! What a trooper - so glad that all our Esher loops coming to good use ;) You'll be great, mega proud of you! Love Sazza L xxx


Catty And Dan

Good luck Sarah!! Xxx


Catherine Royall

And another from Catty and Dan because we don’t understand the exchange rate haha xxx


Jack Harber

Good luck Saz!