Phil Tanner

NSW Ride 2018

Help me support kids in need

Phil came to cycling a few years ago, and can be found most weekends on his Baum, battling around the National Parks that surround Sydney. Phil has undertaken a number of European Randonnees and in 2016 Phil rode The Big Island in Hawaii culminating in Mauna Kea, the world’s biggest cycle climb.

Phil completes several shorter charity rides each year, but has saved his legs over the last seven years for the Chain Reaction Challenges which are superbly organised and very professionally executed. "Cycling provides a wonderful opportunity to challenge myself, engage with like-minded people and make a meaningful contribution to less fortunate children through being involved with the Chain Reaction Foundation”.

With two energetic children and understanding the tenuous nature of children's health, this opportunity to help children less fortunate than Phil's, ticked all the boxes for him. Phil is keen to once more take on the challenge with the 2018 Chain Reaction team in South Australia and make his eighth Chain Reaction ride another successful and rewarding outing

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Good work Phil


Mark Ryan

Phil - well done for, what is it now, CR No. 8? Almost legend status. Please go easy on the descents and set a good example for the rest of the peloton. Good luck! Mark.


Precision Group

Good luck Phil, all the best on your huge ride to support such a worthy cause. From all of us at Precision Group.



Have a great ride Phil


Alan Jones

Phil, All the best Will be there with you next year Jonesy and the BG team


Joye Monaghan

Have a great ride


Dean Broadwood