Help me support kids in need

Riding for HopeStreet, a trusted place in some of the most vulnerable communities offering hope to people living with disadvantage and distress. Particularly given the circumstances of the past 2 years highlighting even greater need for the community service, it connects with children and their families who are trying to overcome personal trials, providing a safe space to support them through domestic and family violence, cycles of poverty, and homelessness.

Thank You To My Donors

Grindley Construction




Hindmarsh Construction Australia Pty Ltd

This is a great cause, James. Good luck!



Such a great cause, go and smash it!


Jim & Marion Marsden



Just remember its all about the journey, all 1000km of it. Glad to be supporting such a great cause, good luck James.


Rob Mackee

Great cause and great effort. Good luck with the ride !


Kate And James Marsden


Northrop Consulting Engineers



يصمت الساقين


Robert Dombkins

Thank you James for enduring such pain to help your cause. You always impress me with your caring nature and determination.


Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects

Best of luck!


Grainne Marsden

Great work and good luck!


Michael T

Enjoy the journey James.


Jon And Zil

Good luck for a good cause


Gray Puksand Pty Ltd

Wishing you the best of luck James + Team from everyone at Gray Puksand


Danielle Lechem

All the best James!


Daniel West

Godspeed James!


Paul Skinner


Mathew Romanous

Whilst I can't condone the riding of bicycles, at least you're doing it for a good cause. Go hard Marsden!


Brad Swartz Architects


Mike & Savanah

Love your work, James!


Richard Boggon

Enjoy the ride James!


Ron Green

Cheers Mate go well 👍



Good Commitment James Ride Safe


Andrew Wilson

Good luck. Go hard.


Charlotte Bazin

Enjoy the ride!


John Adam


Andrew Tompson


Nick Marsden

Good work James! Hopefully it’s not as hot as it is this weekend


Kate And Chris Kline

Awesome work for a great cause James. Good luck!


Louise Marsden


Dombkins Family

Awesome as always James, we’re proud of you mate 💪


Jacko And Dell

Smash it James! Love the Jackos


Ed Riley

Nice work James - a great cause.


Emma Skulander


Matt Knapp


Cnor Nix

Good Luck James! I bet you'll smash it. Thanks


Carla Widloecher


Homer Dapas

Great challenge for a great cause!


Sally And Reg Paling

Well done James, enjoy the ride


Viral Gandhi


Craig Rodgers

Well done James!


Cilla Everitt

Good luck James, sure you won't need it.


Clare Keys

Well done Jimmy!


Hannah Clement

Great effort as always James. Hope you are keeping well.


Alex Baidjurak