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As a lot of you will know, my four-year-old daughter, Lexi, embarked on a grueling journey to beat cancer in November 2022. The cancer was a stage 4 Wilms tumour, which had also spread to her lungs. I won't go into all the detail on here, but needless to say she has spent nearly as much time in hospital as she did at home during last year receiving intense chemo and radiotherapy for 12 months. 


The good news is that all of her planned operations and chemo are complete, now we just wait with regular scans over the next 5 years to make sure she's beaten it. She's made our family so proud. 


Why am I posting this here? I need your help. One of the only reasons she was able to get through these hospital visits was the existence of the Starlight Express room at the RCH. They rely on donations to run and bring so much joy to sick kids. 


In May this year, I will be participating in the Chain Reaction 7-day ride in QLD to raise funds for them. Chain Reaction have an incredible history of raising funds for charity, and I'm so honoured to be joining such a great bunch of humans to raise funds collectively. Those who know me well will know I'm a keen competitive cyclist, so this is a fantastic way to help contribute.  

I realise the cost of living is pinching us all at the moment, so any sort of generosity, no matter how small, would be an incredible help. I'll continue to post updates closer to the date, and if you've read this far, thank you! 

Thank You To My Donors

Cki Group

Wishing Lexi the very best of health and nothing but admiration for what you and all involved are going through. More than happy to contribute.


Angela Minniti

Lexi we are so happy to hear that you are doing so much better! We hope that your recovery continues going from strength to strength. You are so blessed to have such amazing parents by your side xx Good Luck with your ride Evan ❤️ The Kyriacou Family



Well done mate. And I didn’t know that you’re a keen rider!



Wishing you all the best Evan - Good Luck!


Andy Nguyen

Power to you Evan for your courage and resilience. I hope and wish all the best for Lexi.


Marat Fookson


The Melhem’s

Great work mate, for an awesome cause. Good luck!


Carlo Pagano

Even... As parents we do what we must for our children. You are an inspiration - Lexi is simply amazing! You must be so proud. Wishing you and your family all the Love.


Lonsdale Solutions

Great cause Ev and close to all our hearts with what you and the family have experienced. May you match the same strength as your beautiful daughter did, in her battle, on your toughest climbs and come out as well. Go strong!



You are a legend mate! Such a good cause. I hope the ride went well.


Derek Yin

Wish your daughter recovers soon!


John Christou

Keep being amazing mate


Alastair Delooze

Fantastic effort for a fantastic cause All the best Ev



Amazing! All the best


Michael Tregonning

Our sweet little granddaughter


Jan Miller

Love as always and we continue to support Starlight with monthly donations. They are worth their weight in gold and have got Lexi and family through very tough times ❤️



You’re a legend Ev. Love the work you’ve done to support this wonderful charity.


Jacob Luan

Hi Evan, I feel so sad when read this. As parents and young family, I can image the hard time and all the way to walk through this. Your daughter is a brave girl and she will beat the illness for sure! The best wish from myself and my families. Warm regards, Jacob Luan


Cyrus Cavina

Good luck Evan!


Joel & Shele Waide

Fantastic work mate!


Winsome Lunn

Good luck on the ride! Wishing all the very best to Lexi and the family!


Egg Stapo

All the best mate, Lexi is blessed to have such an awesome Dad!



Good luck with the ride for such a great cause


Finnish Elf

Great job Evan, and greetings for the whole family!


James Mercer

Great work Ev.


Michael Mcshane


James Cook

Best of luck Evan. Lexi sounds like a warrior!


Denise Lau

Great work Ev! You are a legend.



Great Cause Ev, good luck with the ride!


Paul & Maree


Bridie Butcher

So proud of you Ev, you will smash this cycling challenge, and Lexi is the strongest little girl I know! Absolutely superstar!!! xx


Colin Chadwick

We are riding with you all.


Amy Miller

Onya bro!


Lisa Mason

Your resilience and strength have been incredible. Enjoy the ride!


Steve M

Inspirational mate, good luck!


Alan Herrity

Great work mate!


Evelyn Lopez Delon

Lexi you are a Warrior and so is the rest of your family. Evan - We'll be cheering you on for your ride but more importantly cheering Lexi and the rest of your family for the journey you're going on. Wishing you all the best 🙏🏼


John Mitsakos

Godspeed Evan!


Prashant Iyer

Amazing stuff Ev as always mate.



Good luck Ev!! 💫🤗👏


Lou Van Der Lip

Good luck Evan! Lexi seems like such a strong girl!!



Great stuff superdad! all the best for the ride.


Jane Combes

Good Luck Ev! What a great cause. May your wheels spin faster than a rumor in a small town!


Stacey Tonkin

Legend Ev, good luck on the ride.


Jo Shapley

Wishing you guys all the best, and of course for Lexi to have a full recovery and long and happy life.


Ricky Phare

Mate, long time, I had no idea what you've been going through until I saw your LI post. Putting good juju out there for you over the next 5 years for clear tests too.


Farah Byrne

break a leg ;)


Callum Wilson

Champion effort all around ❤️



Amazing challenge to take on for such a worthy cause! We are so proud of you Evan and how amazing your whole family is! Sending you heaps of love!


Pra Pious

Go Ev! Such a great cause, make your little warrior proud!


Sara Wisnia

Good luck in Qld


Rob Millington

Solid effort Evan


Barb Emblin

Ride well xx




Darryn Smith

Awesome cause mate and what a fighter Lexi is!



Thank you for sharing your personal story Evan. Wishing Lexi a smooth recovery. Much Love


Beverley Dawn Royes

Wow Evan, I had no idea. What an amazing young lady you have there. Have a great ride and stay safe. Cheers Bev


Lilli Cashman

Great work and good luck!


Ruth Durno

Go get em Evan x


Sacha Leagh-murray


Gene Crowe

Amazing cause Ev




Katie Lambart

Great challenge you’re undertaking and for a great cause!


Dan Carter


Jay Everall

All the Best Old Boy!


Susie Judge

Good luck!


Blu Event Productions

Good luck mate - you got this!


Bruce Miller

Great cause. Go for it Evan.




Joshua Emblin

Great news and great initiative Evan!


Andrew Baker

Ride well mate - AB.


Lisa Kirwan

Evan, Ive just learned about your daughter's courageous battle, and it's truly inspiring. Wishing Lexi and your family continued strength, joy, and excellent health for the next 5 years. Your dedication to raising funds for the Starlight express room is remarkable, and I'm honored to contribute. Best of luck with the 7-day ride—I hope you kick your goals and take a moment to yourself to acknowledge the difference you're making for so many other families.


Steve Roberts

Great initiative, more than happy to support.


Anne Paltridge

Another wonderful fundraising challenge! Excellent work. Enjoy the ride!


C2z Performance Coaching

Good luck mate! Enjoy



Go strong Evan! Great cause & great news on Lexi!






Wendy Lim

Good luck Evan and Best Wishes to Lexi.


Kara Forster

Best of luck!!!


Pearl Chaudhary

So proud of Lexi! All the best Evan


Lauren Moore

Well done Cuzzie. Awesome effot


Sally Scott


Jen Dao

To your courageous girl Lexi x


Emma Evans


David S


Carly Summers

Good luck Evan from the Uk!


Catalina Malone