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Martin Rodrigues


Damien Duncan

Ride like there is no tomorrow, actually, you have dependents, a mortgage, a business, and many mouths to feed, Ride like a Pensioner!!


Kate Isles & Stewart Pentland


Gerard And Richard

Good Luck Ben


Riverway Plaza


Mum & Dad

Stay safe!


Marco Ficca

Good work on signing up for this, Ben. We are happy to support you, Chain Reaction and the AEIOU foundation.



Good luck Ben, great cause(s)! Safe riding


Alexander Andre Zak


Shane Rettke

good Luck Ben


Wim Van Zijl

Great work Ben. You have really been putting in the hard training.


Peter Griffin


Shiv And Mark

Good on you brother


Katie Griffin

Go bro!


Rafael & Maria

GO Ben!


Peter Wen

Good luck and have fun


Gav Hogan


Brad Hellen

Enjoy the ride, eat heaps and ride safe


Harjas Singh


Elliot Kidd

Happy Peddling!


Ben White

Good on you Griffo and enjoy the cycle


Brendan & Yvette


Con Plastiras

Well done Ben. Enjoy the ride!


Brad Williamson




Biddy Kelly

Go Ben! Good luck!!


Charles Elliott

Well done Ben and good luck!



No accidents.