Help me support kids in need

This year's charity ride is nearly upon us, and I'm proud to be involved in the 2023 New Zealand Challenge.  Supporting kids in need is a great motivator to commit to personal challenge and this year's ride is certainly shaping up to that.  Through Chain Reaction I have experienced a greater interaction with the chosen charities and gain a greater understanding on the benefits and differences the charity partners can make with the donations they receive.  Visiting the AEIOU centers and the Traction workshop really emphasizes the impact these charities have on the kids they support. 

This year's training has been hot and hilly and in itself been a challenge, now we only have the 1,000km in New Zealand to go. I look forward to receiving your support, so together though Chain Reaction Challenge Foundation we can help kids in need.

Thank You To My Donors

Roger And Georginaq Byrom

Good Luck and enjoy N Z


Chris Tanner

Good luck, great dedication


Paul & Beth Midson

Enjoy Al. Hope you get time to lift your head occasionally and marvel at the scenery.


Michael Stower

With the amount of training you have put in, the ride should be a breeze. Have fun and good luck.


Alan Frost


Eden Thomas


Tim M Capes


Andrew Thurston

Great cause mate, enjoy the downhills


Kev Mcdougall



Michaelq Topp


John (preferred) John Woolley

Scenery will be fantastic. Enjoy the change of PACE


Justin Mcginty


Gavin & Petrina Fulloon

Good luck, ride hard and don't run over any drunk Kiwi's while you are there. Those little Kiwi birds know how to party


Richard & Marie Saunders

Good luck Alistair. Have fun and watch out for those killer sheep and the boiling mud.


Peter James

Really appreciate what you do for charity Alistair. Enjoy your ride. Cheers. Peter.