Thank you for supporting Chain Reaction and AEIOU

In 2002 our son Andy was diagnosed with autism: a 3 yo with no language. socially anxious and with challenging behaviours. Our experiences as a family in helping Andy led to AEIOU starting in 2005.
18 years on and more than 2000 children have attended AEIOU. The data shows major gains in age adjusted language and developmental scores and highly significant reductions in challenging behaviours. The economics show a $6.16 saving for every $1 spent. For a family AEIOU is life changing.
Money raised leverages government funding to build more spaces and address the unmet need for these children and their families in Queensland.
Andy just turned 24: he is a delight. to all who know him. He functions at a level well above that defined by his IQ testing because of his autism. He is living his best life which is what we want for all our children. 

Thank You To My Donors

Jason Hwang