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Thank You To My Donors

John Wagstaff

Job Well Done !


Sdf Electrical Pty Ltd

Good luck from the team at SDF Electrical



No EPO on this trip Lance!



All the best! I couldn't ride to my local grocery store!!!


Adg Engineers (aust) Pty Ltd

All the best with the ride


Peak Precast

dont come back if you dont win. its a race not a ride


Perigon Pty Ltd

Enjoy the ride Warren


Darren Smith


Tensioned Concrete Pty Ltd

Well done Warren!


Peikko Australia

Good Luck Warren


Mba Consulting Engineers

Hope that you enjoy all this time on the bike!


Graeme Webber

Go well Warren


Emma Reuben

Good luck dad! I hope you have an amazing time. I know this is something you’re passionate about. I know you have trained really hard.


Michael Booy


Mario Crismani


Hannah Reuben

Daddy l hope your riding goes well. I love you so much.