1st chain reaction ride, having been a keen observer of previous years. I am looking forward to working with my team and the broader group to make a difference and overcome the challenges that lay ahead.

My Team

Charity Partner

Thank you to my donors

Paul Family



Mister Zimi


Sam Grindal

Great work, TP.



FOURSQ salutes you


Peter Manger

Ride well and enjoy the ride


Id Land

Hope you are loving it TP. Great work


Ray Werden

Excellent work habib !


Peter Lane

tom, all the best


Kosloff Architecture Kosloff Architecture

we are expecting big things....at least a stage jersey!



All the best Tom!



Get that goal !


Zoe, Phoebe & Abbie Paul

Go Dadda! Love Zozo, Phoebs and Abbie xxx


Dominic Ziino

Dont get too close to the man in front Tommasino!


Nick Harvey


Stuart Major

Good work Tommy!


Courtney, Harry, Poppy And Lulu

Great effort Tper.


Mandi Robertson

The boys yelled out TP rules and Go Tom. Couldn’t think of anything more creative!


Julian Kosloff

go for the sprint points...


Daniel Fuge

Hot to trot!!


Mark Waddick

Hey Tom, Good luck, great cause, cheers bud, Mark


Robert Spinks


Nigel Hill

Good Luck TP from the NHL Landscaping Team


Danielle Fergus

Have fun!


Richard Sherman

Good luck mate. Great work. Let’s have a beer on your return


Liz And Lachy Haynes

Go you good thing! If you do it again next year rope Lachy in x


Zapar Zapar

Great work TP


Rich Haigh

Good effort on day 6


Michael Dore


Ted Dwyer

You'll smash it TP... Easy!!


Stan Mariette

Go Tom! Big effort for a great cause


Maxa Design

Go get 'em! hope the ride is as smooth as a provi drive on the 18th at Spring Valley!


Rose Gigliotti

Go Tom...you can make this happen fior so many very special kids!


Ben Baines

Go well, TP!


Nippa & Errol


Mal And Chloe Coates

Time to hit the road...


Paul Dwyer



Jess, Abigail And Damo

Go T.P!!!


Emily Meredith-smith

Amazing efforts Tom!


Cameron Watling


Ben Cantwell


Tim Mills

Good luck and enjoy.


Edward Pontifex

Best of luck for the big ride TP!


Mitch Stevenson


Nick Chapman

Good luck Tom.





Adrian Farrer

good photo.


Maurice Cococcia

Go for it Tom!


Michael Read

Great work TP, enjoy the journey!


Russell Sharp

Nice one Tom, enjoy the ride..


Sally Blair


Aaron Davies

good luck


Shane Cockerell

Is Rukie your flat tyre boy?


Amanda Alexopoulos


Andrew Cory


James "cipo" Hayter

Not sure if you'll survive without sucking my back wheel. Happy Rolling TP.


Ash Nesbitt

go legend


Chloe And Mal Coates

Go TP Go!


Ross Egleton

good work Tommy P ...


Abe Khoury

Good Luck!


Rich Langham

Great stuff TP, watch out for sheep!


Marshall Rippon


Scott Cowell


Mick Scarano

All the best


Ramesh Kottai


Vinodh Samuel

Have a nice time


Lisa Villegas

Enjoy the scenery :)


Austin Smith

I hope you are better on a bike than you are on a basketball court


Jaci Rogash


Mladen Josic