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It doesn't take having children to understand the lengths a parent would go to help their sick child. Now having become a father and about become one a second time I hope I never have to fully appreciate such lengths. In the meantime, I’m going to dedicate my spare time to training for a bloody long ride with some ripping people to raise as much money as possible for a pair of organisations that make significant and material contribution towards looking after kids and their families in some bloody terrible situations.


Thank You To My Donors

Besen Family Office

Well done mate! Great cause.


Maxcap Group


Nelson Alexander Pty Ltd


Mark, Paul & Planning & Property Partners

Good Luck Shannon


Pgf Australia Pty Ltd

Good work Shannon, enjoy some child free time whilst riding and raising money for a great cause before you her home in preparation for number 2! Blakey.



Great work Shannon - best of luck on your ride!


Auguste & Nellie Mccormack

Go Peachy!!!!


Rotem Rotenberg


Andrew Deveson

Best of luck with the ride Shannon, great cause.



great cause good work man


Neil Hugh Kenna


Nick Holuigue

Good luck on the ride and thanks for your ongoing support


Dko Architecture

Hopefully your legs and liver do you well! Good luck mate!



Safe Rides from Neometro Team! This donation is to help you to put up with Damon :)


Jamie Mcbride

Good on ya brother. Proud as punch.


Jesse Radisich

Great work mate and a fantastic cause. Enjoy the ride and good luck!


Fieldwork Projects


Charlie And Micky

Well done Peachy!! You’re amazing!


Alex Boffa

Good luck Shan, great cause.


Pauline Troon

Shannon. I wish you safe travels. You are doing an amazing thing. Something to look back on and feel so proud. One of the nicest guys I know.


Nick Theodossi

Good luck mate



Hope this assists mate. Peddle hard and hoping it’s all downhill


Jim Peach

Good on you mate. A great cause


Debra Denison

Super proud of you Shannon


Libby Bakewell

So proud of you Shannon. Mum


Raja Akkireddi

Well done mate


Iliana Martinez

Well done Peachy!!!


Patrick Cooney


Dave Penfold

Great work pal. Huge effort!


Daniel Condon

Good on you mate! Ripping cause. Do it for the Juice!



Best of luck mate!


Jessica Odonnell

Go Shannon!! Good luck


Sally Gordon

Enjoy the scenery SJP!


Stefanie Breschi

Incredible contribution! Wishing you a smooth ride x


Mike Denison

Well done man and good luck. See you on the side.


Cucumber Offices

Miguel Indurain ain't got nothing on you Peachy.


Nadine Britt Peach

So proud of your hard work week in - week out, your commitment to this cause, and for being a beautiful role model to Oscar and all beings. We love you. X


Marc Gurman

Great work Champ!


Sphera Lighting

Well done Shannon! What a great cause to get involved with!


Shakira Everett


Lisa Aldridge

Good luck Shannon.. great cause and well done on your commitment Xxxx


R Wylie


Michael Foldi

Good on you mate


Simeon Goldenberg

Great cause Shannon. Well done.


Bianka Covic

Good luck — amazing work!


Tom Callahan

Good luck Shannon!


John Fitzsimons

Great work Peachy. Enjoy the ride!