Help me support kids learn the joy of riding a bike!

Your support helps provide life-changing Freedom Wheels bikes to children living with disabilities, helping them feel included, find independence, joy and it gives them the freedom to BE A KID. 

As a parent myself, I believe every child deserves the freedom to be a kid. Your gift can help kids can discover the joy and every other exhilarating feeling that comes with riding their very own bike.

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Thank You To My Donors

Rex Import Company

Happy Riding Scott!!


Blaze Your Trail Team

Such a huge undertaking Scott! Bravo


The Virtual It Department

Cheering you on from VITD!


Mardi Trezise

Wonderful cause Scott, all the best!


Josephine Beer

Good luck Scott - I hope you reach your fundraising goal.


Jan Lucas

Good on you Scott. You’re always up for a challenge, and I’m happy to support you in this one.


Sarah Olsen

Good luck Scott!!


Randall Miller


Jason/julia Miller

Go Scott! Proud brother - huge effort.


Andrew Every

Well done Scott!



Wishing you all the best Scott - what a fantastic initiative and effort. Stay safe and enjoy! All the best, Laura Mazin




Mary Manescu

Well done!


Paul Creamer, Design & Flow Custom Paint

Well done mate, super proud of your effort & im hoping those km’s are feeling beta the more you travel, pedal Scott PEDAL!!!


Liz Wheatley

Ride safely Scott!


Body Cycles Australia Pty Ltd

Best of luck and enjoy the ride.


Amelia Walsh

Here's to being a better cyclist than bowler!


Katrina Cooper

You're doing great Scott. Keep up the good work!


Arriane B

Pure awesomeness! We will be cheering you on. Let's gooo! :)


Shayne Bradbury


Therese Dogra

Good Luck Scott


Mathew Williams

Don't stress if you see a big hill, just get over it. Full confidence in you!


Yvonne Fryatt

Good luck Scott. I am sure as a team you will have some fun along with a little pain for a very good cause. Can't wait to hear all about it.


Marilena Y

GOOD LUCK, You've got this! We can't wait to hear all about it when you're on the other side.


Meadhbh Roche

You can do it Scott, Woohoo!


Oliver Needham

Good on ya mate! All the best with your cycling challenge and fundraiser.


Madeline Townsend

Good luck Scott!


Peter Wingate


Tanya Di Michele

Such a worthy cause Scott. Enjoy the ride 😊


Honey Pillai

All the best Scott! What a great initiative


Steve Milton

Great initiative Scott. I'm sure you'll come back at least 3kg lighter 🤣