Rosalyn Hunt

Womens 300 2019

Small Motivations

Coffee is a small motivation to get through the 61km this Saturday morning. Raising money for kids in need however is a big motivation. 7 weeks to go!

Woot Woot!

Help me support kids in need and complete the ride of a lifetime

I am riding 300 kilometres in 3 days from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast this October to raise funds for kids in need.

Funds raised from this event will support major charity partner the AEIOU Foundation for children with Autism, which has been providing life changing early intervention since 2005. AEIOU will direct funds allocated from the event to a refurbishment and fit out of its Toowoomba centre, enabling more children in the region access to a safe, secure and modern facility for therapy and care, including a new classroom and an upgraded playground and sensory garden.

In addition, minor beneficiary Mater Foundation will receive funds to go towards purchasing an in-hospital shuttle which safely and easily transports critically ill babies to theatre, considerably reducing the risk of serious clinical problems.

Please support my efforts on the bike with a donation and be part of changing the lives of kids in need!

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Thank you to my donors

Rosalyn Hunt

Thank you DVA colleagues and friends.



“You never have the wind with you — either it is against you or you’re having a good day“


The Health Retreat

Go Ros Go Go GO those tiny hills will be nothing to you. Ha Ha


Xtend Barre Stones Corner

Ros we are so proud of you xx Shay & all of your friends at Xtend Barre


Chad Donnelly

I would say good luck, but this implies that you actually need luck. Japanese use the phrase "ganbatte" which means, do your best! (not that you need to be told that either). But it sounds like a great cause and awesome that you are championing it. Ganbatte!


Gerald Yeo

Good luck Rosalyn! All the best from the BOSS group here Northside!


Devika Jayawardena


Dormer Shirley



Hemantha Gamage

Best wishes for your efforts !


Kirstin Reglin

Ride it like you stole it!


Stu Bagnall

A fantastic cause, good on you Ros.


Ross Waldock

You inspire me!! Have fun and enjoy the journey


Amanda Casperson

My hero & inspiring buddy- best of luck.


Michael Hunt

Good luck raising money for this great cause Roz.


Lynne Hunt

Good luck on the ride we will be thinking of you love Mum


Tom Gallagher


Madeleine Salton

Great causes Ros, happy peddling!


Ken & Bernadette Hill

Try to enjoy especially as you ride up the range towards Maleny


Erik Olbrei

Hi Ros Lynne and Michael told me about your fund-raiser, and that you're climbing up to Maleny, all for a good course. All strength to you! Kind regards Erik


Anthony Hunt

Rock that treadly, like it ain't no thange...


Janine Thomson

Good Luck... Xx


Bevan, Kirsten & Lachlan

Pedal to the Metal, Rosalyn!




Atea Partners Chartered Accountants

Keep up the hard work. Best of luck for the ride!


Jacinta Wynne

Roz!! This is so impressive, a massive ride for a great cause. Best of luck for a killer ride, I’d love to hear all about it when you are done.


Terry And Judy Wood

Good luck!


Barrie Coulson

Well done Ros! Love Bazz, Nok & Marli xox


Rosalyn Hunt

Please get behind me guys to raise money for these two great charities. I can't do it without you!


Leigh Rorke


Tilea Wealth

A great cause. All the best for the ride Ros!


Alex Bordujenko

stay safe and enjoy the ride


Kiran Ram Belas

Have fun =)


Olga Kuznetsova


Cecily Fay

Go Ros!!!!


Sinead Foster

Go Girl!


Subhash Chand

I hope you make lots of money for kids in need. Good luck.


Ainslee Cheung

What an inspiration!!!


Tania Smith

Good luck


Brett Edwards


Michelle Norcott

For raffle tickets B51-54 - Michelle


Louise D

Good Luck!!! Hope it's awesome!!


Karli Fletcher


Colleen Riding


Clayton Ive

Good luck! Cheers for raffle tix