Late sign on - Help me support kids in need today!

We are raising money for kids in need by taking on the huge challenge of cycling 1000km in just 7 days. After some recent training rides around the Gold Coast, my initial confidence is a little diminished and I am now realising how hard it will be to back up each of the 7 days.  

Luckily the blood (literal - already had a little stack) sweat and tears are for two great charities being AEIOU Foundation and Traction for Young People. These are easy charities to get behind as the funds raised go straight to a mentor program which works to build kids’ capabilities, resilience, teamwork and leadership skills to help them get ahead and achieve their potential. 

With the grass roots approach to helping kids that missed out on a good start, we see the flow-on effect to our community, alleviating pressures on the justice, welfare and healthcare systems. 

Please help me support these guys by donating generously.