Robert Bertuzzi

2021 Sydney Challenge

Help me support kids in need

I started cycling in 2012 after a weekend riding trails with friends.  I’ve been riding with that same group since and will join them in this year’s Chain Reaction ride.  

To me cycling is friends, exercising outdoors, personal challenges and seeing the world at a different pace.  There’s a bit of gear talk too which is always fun, though the subtlety of a 90 mm or 100 mm stem is lost to me.  Cycling is a sport shared by many - where do you ride, what bike do you have – easy conversation starters. 

In my day job, I am a rock mechanics engineer and director of the geotechnical consultancy PSM, working in mining and tunnelling.  I get a huge kick showing my family the latest tunnel I worked on.

Which brings me to why I’m involved with the 2021 Chain Reaction Challenge: friends, a personal challenge (monumental for me, really), travelling through the country at a human scale, and most importantly giving to the community.  

My friend Richard Lewis was the instigator having participated on previous rides.  Richard speaks so highly of the Chain Reaction team, that I was keen to be part of it.  My friend Andrew Bloxham is a director of the charity I am helping to raise funds for – So They Can.  Andrew is passionate about its work: “quality education to children living in poverty” to break the poverty cycle.  Being the beneficiary of education, So They Can’s goal is particularly meaningful to me.  My friend, Sean Mura is the CEO of So They Can.  Sean is a business leader par excellence and immensely knowledgeable.  A solutions guy.  You see I had no choice really but to sign up. And lastly my friend, Vic McClelland, who is part machine and is truly inspirational.  Vic will get us all to the finish. Make sure you check out their profiles too. 

My Updates

Early training

Need to practice the hills


Regular crew

Thank You To My Donors

Cheanne Yu

It will be ‘flat’ Rob, no need to worry!😉 May the hills be forgiving and the legs true.


David Gibbs

14km elevation gain over 1,000km is only 1.4% grade - you can do it easily!


Gerry Bertakis

Good luck Robert


Mark Eggers

Have fun Rob, great achievement!


Merrick Hall

I'll be positive and say well done Robert. A great cause.


Stephen Wille

good on you Rob


Tristan Green

Best of luck with the 14 km of uphill, but don't forget to enjoy the 14 km of downhill!


David Pate

Better you than me! Good luck!!




Rob Vuksic

Good luck Rob


Mark Fowler

Inspirational Rob - have a blast!


Andrew Glastonbury

On you buddy, your team mates look like they will be able to carry you. Enjoy the journey and stay safe. All the best Glas


Ulrike Pelz




John Simmons

Rob, I've ridden Sydney to Noosa. There are a few hills between Coffs and Sydney but nothing you can't knock off in 7 days. Bonne chance!


Stuart Simmonds

Good luck with the ride Rob! Great cause.


Jagcon Pty Ltd

Good luck mate!


Ben Rouvray

Fantastic challenge Rob, best of luck!


Ron Rapee

Best of luck Rob


David Polkinghorne


Matthew Day

Good luck with the ride, Rob. Great cause!


Greg & Kitiluck Eisenmenger


Paul Anthony

What a great excuse for a riding holiday!


Tim Burns

Good luck Rob, a worthy cause. Tim



Good Luck - there are alot of ups!


Georgina Karats Eisenmenger

Best of luck Mr. Bertuzzi! You've got our family's support 🚴‍♂️


Dennis Licuanan

Safe cycling and good luck!


David Holder


Andrew De Ambrosis


Andreas Lehr

I hope all will be going well. Not too many days of recovery. great effort!


Scott Connor

Good luck Rob! Don't get too distracted by all the rocks along the way!


Robert Muley


The Pates

Good luck! Enjoy the journey


Andrea Spencer


Richard Tebbutt

Rob, you're the man!!! Enjoy!


Tom R

Good Luck Rob. Looking forward to hearing the war stories. Lots of pun opportunities here: I'm sure you'll have no problems with these up-hill battles, after all that practice getting IFC certs. Hopefully, these hills don't move. I trust bike set-up is more stream-lined than the modern design process. I hope you've got a good pair of gloves. You don't want to get carpal TUNNEL. If you get TWO-TIRED, remember to use the BOND-STENGTH you have with the rest of the team. Listen to some ROCK music if you fall into a DEEP-BOREdom ... I'll see myself out


Tung Pham


Peter Melloy


Jamieson Yu

Robert - Best of luck for the ride... what doesn't kill you will make you stronger :)


Karl Assi

Best of luck Rob! Have a safe ride.


Vik Pitrans

A-round,round, wheels goin’ round, round Down up pedals, down up down But I gotta get across to the other side of town Before the sun goes down


Ben Clarke

That's an epic ride, Good Luck!!