Paul Tasker

2020 Victoria Ride

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone...

I need your help as I embark on a gruelling challenge to hopefully make a difference.

On 7th March, I’ll be joining a small team to ride 1,000 kilometres in 7 days across Tasmania, climbing 13,000m of elevation (equivalent of 1.5x Mount Everest) in conditions which can range from -4 to +40 degrees celcius.

Our ride has a purpose - to help kids be the best version of themselves in their greatest time of need... We’ll be raising money for two organisations providing critical support:

  • Very Special Kids steps in when the prognosis is terminal to make things as good as they can be from the hospice to the home.
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation creates spaces in hospitals where kids can forget about being sick - no doctors - no treatment - just play.

My own family started spending a lot of time in hospitals when my sister Julie arrived - she was a very special kid (and she still is!). We moved out of home & into the ward while Julie endured over 30 operations in her first 3 years of life. She’s still with us today thanks to the help & support of many amazing people. Now it’s my turn to return the favour. 

I would very much appreciate your support in backing these two great charities.

Donations are tax deductible & may be made via the link above... 

To help in pushing all boundaries here, contributions of A$300 or more will form part of a 'random allotment' for a case of Tolpuddle Pinot Noir (rare & arguably one of the best ex-Tassie) being put forward by the Tasker family trust... 

Any support you can provide, small, big or ludicrous(!) would be greatly appreciated.

With sincere thanks & appreciation in advance,

Paul : )


Thank You To My Donors


Good luck mate, hell of a challenge. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Hope that seat is comfy.


Peter Mastos

Go for it PT - Herculean effort


James Hall

I think you need to get a tandem and do it with Vess on the back.


Dean Grant

Good luck mate a huge effort


John Tasker

Well done, Paul!


Linton Ralph


Mike Mcgrath

Sensational cause Paul... great effort by you and the team! Good Luck!


D Brown

Good luck, you might need a bit of hospital time yourself after all of that lot....


Julie Tasker


Ross Macarthur / Macmor

Hi mate, good luck on the ride I know you'll smash it.


Metricon Homes

Keep up the good work!


Rick Moscati


Marcus Hoyne

Ummmm, hope your riding is better than your fundraising.


John Studley

Awesome challenge Paul and a great cause - well done and hope the saddle is ready...



Go well PT


Lisa Dwyer

Look forward to watching from the comfort of my sofa - full of admiration for you and the team!


Chris Paxton

Stay strong Paul!


Matt Crawford

Pauly - whenever it gets hard, or you don’t think you can go on further, think back to this page and all of us supporting you. Then, go eat more lollies or doughnuts (both of which are awesome for these rides), and get back after it Great stuff and have a blast! Wish I was there with you


Andoni Diamondis

Good luck for it, and a great cause.


Matt Benwell

All the best mate - an awesome cause. Maybe I'll ride with you next time... maybe :-)


Simon Gillies

Go Paul and team.


Brian Man

Great work mate, all the best for the ride!


Shaun Hughes

Well done Paul. All the best for the ride and look forward to hearing all about it


Anthea Loucas Bosha

Fantastic effort. Go Paul


Chris Bower

Have a great ride! Super happy for you supporting these great charities.


Peter Wheeler

Thats awesome Paul and team. Enjoy the ride!!!


John Higgins

Great effort for a very worthy cause. Now get on that bike and pedal!


Jason Karametos

Awesome effort Paul. Good luck to you and the team.


David Hart (buxton)

Go for it Paul!



Ride well Mate


Anthony Mazzoni

Great effort mate, all the very best.


Channing Ferrer

Good luck sounds like a great cause.


Dan Last

Fantastic effort Paul. You have really exceeded your (initial) Life’s Ambition with this ride. How inspiring!


Jonnie Mclean

Good luck mate, that is a serious ride!


Chris Loughlin

Phi Alpha brother...…. and don't forget the sunscreen!


Julian Alder

Good Luck mate. Fantastic cause.


Ken Neate

Great work Paul; Good luck with the ride and hope you get time to enjoy the views.


James Lee


Warren Gill

Great work, good luck, ride well!


Sammy Kumar


M@ Kuperholz


Brett Miller

Hey Paul - Fantastic job! Proud to sponsor you on this amazing effort. Dig deep and push hard for this great cause!


Alan Anderson


Greg Muller

Hi Paul thanks for giving me the opportunity to support your charity , I have been supporting sick kids for 40 years this is such an important cause . Good luck mate hope you raise heaps and have some fun while you’re doing such an amazing good thing !


Michael Sheehan

Go Tasker!


John Buttarazzi

Good luck Paul!


Brian Berg

Ride Paul Ride!! Great job!! Your sister is special and so are you!


Chuck And Suzanne Lyman

Well done Paul!


David Mcdonough

Good luck Paul!


Donna Watt

Good luck Paul


Bernadette Holdsworth


Linda Brady

Well done Paul!


Michael Wilson

Hi Paul, enjoy the ride, well done on supporting a great cause


Jonathan Kerley

Great commitment Paul, no doubt a tremendous experience.



Good luck and well done on supporting such great causes.



Good luck Paul. A good cause. Cheers Pat Rowe


Andrew Genever

good luck pt. great cause mate.


Paul Marsh

Great stuff PT


Ian Mountain

Have an awesome ride Paul! Great event and cause - well done mate.


Chris Bartlett

Good luck Paul, and great cause.


Tom Pearce-smith

In uncertain times, sometimes the most