Paul Higgins

Victoria Ride 2019

Help me support kids in need

Chain Reaction is a Corporate Bike Challenge that raises money for sick children by challenging senior executives who have a passion for cycling and an awareness of their corporate social responsibilities, to ride a 1,000 plus kilometre course in 7 days.

Please make a tax deductable donation today to help support kids in need.

Thank you to my donors

Ks Environmental Pty Ltd

Good luck on the day and have a fantastic ride.


Layne Beachley

You rock Paul! Good luck on your ride and remember to hydrate! Go you goof thing


Jenny Higgins

Great cause, and great to get you out of the house! :)


Askin Morrison

Good luck what an amazing effort.


Russell Marsh

your unbelievable mate good luck cheers rusty


James Campbell

Great job Higgo - will be watching for the updates.


Stephen Draper

Paul starring in' Quadzilla 2'!


Ppm Group

Good Luck


Qld Turners

keep up that chamois creme


Nat & Daz

Way to make use of that boundless energy of yours for a great cause! All the best for trip!


Simon Gerrans



Great work mate- sounds like the journey and the outcome will be very rewarding!! I’m not sure how you qualified for this event, I thought you are an unemployed bum and not a high flying executive!!!


Gokhan Turgut

Nice work Paul - a great cause! Good luck!!


Big Consulting

Great stuff Higgo. Good to see you out last weekend. Let's have a ride before you go. Best wishes mate, Simon.


John & Barb Turner

Good luck Paul. Hope you are ready for those hills!


Ron And Jan Higgins

Proud of you Paul. All the very best love Mum and Dad


Jimmy Hendriks

So awesome you're doing this mate, such a worthy cause. Have always been so thankful I have never had cause to need the Starlight Foundation personally and seeing those exhausted and helpless parents would haunt me. Well done Higgo. With your sporting pedigree I feel sorry for the poor bastards doing the ride with you, though if they're smart they'll just sit on your wheel!


David Fallon

Glad it is you and not me!


Rob And Karen Gray

Go Paul. Have a great week.


Ken Leicester

Nice work dude.


Rosy Clarkson


Haydn Tierney

Have a nice ride



great effort Higgo


Glenn Scott


Scott Randall

Great cause Higgo, good on you for getting after a great challenge to support them. :Look forward to seeing how the journey goes


Luke Grindal

nice work mate - I hope you have a great ride and go heavy on the chamois cream!


Sheridan Jones

Best of luck Higgins! When you put your mind to something you do it and don't do it in halves!! Go get em!! Great challenge and great cause!


Shaun Mckenna

Doin' it for the kids, Paul and Mick.... Just keep on pedalling !!!


Andrea Titter

Well done, great causes but I am really doing this for Jen, she wants the house back.


Pb Birman



Shane Edmonds

Good Luck mate huge effort ahead ... Don't use up too many tickets before this years Water polo season!


Craig & Vivs

Go team!


Simon Traynor

great cause, great bloke ... easy to donate looking forward to seeing the photos + hearing the stories


Ben Anderson

Great work Higgo, looking forward to seeing the updates. Catch up when you are back


The Dobbyns



Had to compensate you for talking you into this ... and tick you over the $5,000.


Rita & Edmond Ho

A great cause indeed. Have a safe ride. God's blessings, Rita & Edmond


Tim & Stacey Scott-branagan

Great cause. Good luck PH. We're sure you'll smash it!


Scott And Lisa Leydin

Good luck Paul - happy to support a worthy cause and to help click the amount over the 5K goal - Cheers Scott


Noel & Jenny Wolstencroft

The Very Special Kids organization do a great job. All the best for the trip, the first seven days will be the worst.



Good Luck!! Don't forget the compression to recover!!


Max And Abby Mclachlan

go Paul!


David Dodds

Well Done . A very good cause .


Shirley And Russel Scott

Great effort Paul. All the best and well done. Sick kids and the Starlight foundation at RCH have been one of my long time fundraising passions


Helen & Don Bartlett

Great effort Paul.Safe riding! The Bartletts


Trent & Julia Knox - St Remio Coffee

Go for it Higgo!!


David Nock

Well Done Higgo!



Go you!! Pace yourself or you can just go flat out every day and see what happens!! haha!! Enjoy sitting on your beautiful electric blue Giant Propel 7 days in a row!!!


Alan D Hopgood

Good luck


Ben Smith

Good luck mate.