Paul Grattan

NSW Ride 2018

Paul Grattan

Paul loves wine, cake, family, friends and cycling. Not necessarily in that order (Note there is a bike on the pictured cake to go along with the wine, family and friends!).

Last year was Paul's first CR Ride and fear motivated a punishing training regime. However, his lovely daughters shared their Influenza B in the week prior to the NZ ride turning the 1000ks into an ordeal somehow completed by sheer bloody-mindedness (see the photo above) and due to the significant help and camaraderie of the CR peloton and crew (and see the wider shot below!).

Another attempt is required... hopefully this time healthy!

The Adelaide terrior (both cycling and oenologically) might have helped too.

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Sarah Grattan

Congrats on finishing again Paully!





hope the bike ride was amazing!


Alex Lang

Go Paully, without the flu you will be unstoppable...oh...and I am sure there is a glass of red waiting at the end of each day! All the best from the three Langs.




Angus Mckay


Meredith Paynter

Good luck Paul!!!


Michael Bradley

Seems insane to me but what else is new.


The Badger

If your quads start to burn, shift forward to use your hamstrings and calves, or If your calves or hamstrings start to burn, shift back to use your quads, or If you feel wimpy and weak, meditate on Rule #5 !


Rachelle And David

Great effort!


Damian Sturzaker


Brad & Elaine

Go Paul!


Murray Pitt


Tony Chesher

Paully, good luck in the long ride! Hope you have a cushion on your seat!! Chesh



Go Paully!


Mike Anderson

Happy Birthday.


Hugh Ealey

Donation is subject to you NOT telling me about the training, event, experience etc etc unless I ask!


Bartek Tobolski