Help me support kids in need

Thank You To My Donors


I know you have had a tough 12 month but you are still fundraising by doing this ride. Hope this helps just a little.


John Barton

Go well PDiddy! You'll smash it.



Well done Paul! When life gets tough, get on your bike!



Go P Diddy!



Legend mate, well done!!



Right behind you all the way my friend. Go Hard.


Karl And Derek

Great effort Pauly keep up the good work!


Declan Mckeveney

Good on you mate. You’ll smash it as always and we’ll done on supporting a great cause.


Mark And Bronwyn Victor

Have a great ride PD.Thanks for the Sotsausages and a great night


Stephen Minotto



Sorry this is late mate. Ride well.


N&e Sb

Amazing effort mate. Just keep peddling, in all areas of your life!


Infinitec Group

Go Hard P-Diddy, on and off the bike !!


David Loch

All the best PJD! You'll smash it out as per usual.


Spencer Kearney



Well ridden!!


Campbell Tait

Well done Paulie, good luck mate


Drew Steptoe

Good luck big boy!


Kirsten Pike

Go Diddy!


Tim Keenan

Love your dedication P-Diddy - have a cracking time!


Jane And John

Well done sausage sizzler



Thanks for the beers, see you on the ride



Better late than never... especially when it gets you to a nice round number!




Brad Hellen

Enjoy the ride, eat heaps and ride safe


Jacqui Symonds

Such an amazing thing you're doing!



As always, so committed to the cause and the early starts Ride safe The Powells


Tony Wilson

Good luck mate!!


Robert Byrom

well done & thanks for the rooftop soiree recently, rob&jo


Spencer Slasberg