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Yesterday was the 7th and final day of my 1,000km fundraising cycling challenge in New Zealand. We may be short of about 100km from Day Six which drowned in thunderstorms, but this was nonetheless an experience of massive proportions, in many ways. 

There is, of course, the physical part - huge steep long hills such as The Remarkables yesterday, which pushed my body beyond what it has ever felt. And with the physical comes the mental element of actually believing in what I can achieve, fighting back negative thoughts of stepping down. 

Then there is the surreal NZ landscape. Grassy plains, old volcanos, high snowcapped peaks, rivers and lakes, glaciers and waterfalls falling into the sea. It may be a bit like Switzerland, but at the same time it’s not - wilder, perhaps more magical. 

There is also the Chain Reaction spirit, the organisation that took me there. A bunch of likeminded people who I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sharing time with, this week but also throughout the training sessions. Many friendships formed. We just need more women to join in and balance the testosterone a bit. There is no reason why women couldn’t do this, and our wonderful and brave Alice and Jayne are cases in point. 

But most importantly, this is about the children and their families who are not as fortunate as we are. This week I’ve heard so many moving and humbling stories about why we did what we did. There is much distress and sorrow out there. Some stories end up well, others don’t. As a group we managed to raise more than $1.3m, which is truly amazing but also deeply needed. Let me therefore conclude by thanking all of you who contributed to this event. This wasn’t about me, this was about them - the sick kids who are fighting for their life and looking for a happy future and perhaps living an experience like this one day.

Last day

Two high climbs were on the menu of our last day from Wanaka to Queenstown. First the Crown Range, out of the Cardrona valley with beautiful views to Queenstown. And then the super steep climb to The Remarkables - 9.7km at 9.6% average gradient for the experts in the room. This was massive. We all made it to the top, although I was in the red from pretty much half way, fighting thoughts of stepping down (which I didn't). A big thanks to my climbing buddies John and Sam who pulled me up all the way.

Day 6

Day 6 started on a low note... Thunderstorms, heavy rain and high winds forced the organisers to change plans and arrange a bus out of the West Coast. Very disappointing but the right call to make when safety is paramount. The bus dropped us off 60km from Wanaka and we got there under clearing sky, not without slotting in another "free play" with a hill to finish.
The arrival in Wanaka was, as always, extraordinary. This remains one of my very happy places. I love it there.

Day 5

Beautiful start at Fox Glacier (see photo) before an easier day down to Haast (133km). A couple of "free plays" when the strong riders get to knock themselves out, and the less strong ones (like me) try to keep me. Fun.

Day 4

Down the West Coast from Ross to the famous Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers... Nice rolling hills under the sun ... until we hit a shocking series of 3 sharp hills. 138km, pushing strong.

Day 3 - one more picture

To give you a glimpse of the scenery we've had today... I hope you're all getting the official daily video from Chain Reaction!

Day 3

Ladies and gents, check this image, This was our elevation profile today. A massive climb of 13% to reach Porter's pass before riding through the amazing landscape of the Lords of the Rings. Stunning. And then another pass, Arthur's, before a head spinning (and somewhat scary) descent towards the west coast.

Day 2

What a day this was! 5 hours of rain, head wind and cold weather... Not what we were looking for, but this is about the challenge, not the fun. The worst first day in CR history, they say... We were shivering with cold at lunch time, happily welcomed by hot food. And then it magically cleared up in the afternoon, revealing beautiful snowy mountains surrounding us,

Day One

This picture pretty much summarises day one folks. A very (or too) easy start of the day that became nasty on a big hill which I totally underestimated. Pushed hard too early too soon and struggled a bit to make it (but I did). Good lesson for the days to come.
Aside from this, what a beautiful day around Christchurch, with amazing views (see other picture below). 


D-Day has arrived! I'm now in Christchurch NZ ready to start the challenge... It's a been an enjoyable yet tiring experience to train up to this point, getting more than 300km and 15h of cycling per week. But it's all come to that now! Thanks again to all the generous sponsors who have supported me and Starlight Children's Foundation. 

Kinglake, 140km in the rain

Tough gig today with 2000m elevation to Kinglake and a very wet start of the day!

Albert Park Lake - 6am

Beautiful morning on Albert Park Lake this morning! A few hot laps to ease into the day...

Back to serious training today

The hills of Mt Eliza were on the menu for my come back to the Chain Reaction training today - 102km with Matt, Rob, Damian and Simon. Thanks guys, such a nice day for it!

Help me support kids in need!

Ageing legs, a new bike and a big challenge! In March 2023 I will be riding 1000km on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand to raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation of the Monash Hospital in Melbourne. For over 30 years, Starlight has worked in partnership with health professionals to bring fun, joy and laughter that help sick kids be kids. I would really appreciate your generosity in supporting this cause. Every contribution will give me energy to face this challenge on the year I will turn 50! 

Thank You To My Donors

Daniel Petitpierre

Joyeux Anniversaire et bravo pour l'idée de soutien à cette oeuvre!


Claude P

Sacré challenge! Après, on se calme. Je ne sponsorise plus que les voyages vers la Suisse :-D


Mark Shaw

Best of luck mate!


Chantal Block

Heureux anniversaire Olivier!! Tres bel initiative. Succes!


Kevin Pereira

Go hard Olivier!


Croce Family


Lars B

Hey man! Now that you are crossing the half-way point in your life, may you find in these 1’000 kms the boost for your years to come…


Steve Beards


Bruno Fries

Bonne chance pour ce beau projet 😘


Timothy Rofe

Amazing effort and for a great cause! Good on you!


Jo Egan

Good luck Olivier!


Nat, Bryan And Cameron Field



Chantal Block

Succes Olivier. Tiens nous au courant de l’évent. 👍👍👍


Nicole Wallis

Good luck for your epic journey Olivier, what a great way to celebrate your big birthday. Such a wonderful cause that is close to my heart too.


Steven Shaw

Olivier... well done on turning 50 (its great to have you on board) and for supporting a great charity. All the best - love Steve and Helen (Milo and Jasper too)


Cindy Vandecasteele

Go Olivier! What an awesome initiative to celebrate half a century of you. Let's see what's easiest, the fundraising or the cycling - but so far I''m super impressed with how you've thrown yourself into both :-)


Kylie Archer


Famille Boizumault

Il y a la suisse mais aussi la Bretagne est derrière toi !! Forza Olivier !


Alex Pilcher

Bon chance, Olivier! Jusqu’au sommet et redescendre. Et encore, et encore... Mais pour une cause formidable!


Samir Ahshrup

All the best!


Famille Nachtergaele

Quel beau challenge! De tout coeur avec toi. Augustin, Mathilde, Polo, Raphael, Nathalie & Benoit


Grant Powell

Ride like the wind!!


Guillaume D

Forza Olivier. Je te souhaite un super anniversaire, ainsi que la belle expérience velo en NZ. A très bientot!


Barbara Gfeller Bonjour

Bravo, Olivier, pour ce magnifique challenge et pour la belle cause! L’époque où tu portais le maillot du Stade Genève n’est pas si loin…tu as certainement de bons restes d’endurance! Bonne route! Barbara


Julia Lu

I'll be cheering for you every step of the way, Olivier! You are a champ!


Catherine Eymin

Bonne Chance Olivier


Bart Coppens



Let your journey be as joyful as the happiness Starlight brings to kids


Robert Teunisse

Best of Luck, Olivier!


Jerome & Family

Excellent initiative and what a way to jump into the 50s!! Happy birthday!


Simon Page

Good on you! Enjoy every km if you can!


Alex R

Pas de meilleur facon pour garder l esprit et le corps jeune! Prend plaisir avec l entraînement, le voyage et l épreuve en elle meme. Une inspiration! Plein de courage et zéro blessures!


Mark Nicholls

Olivier, good luck for your challenge and the fabulous causes that it supports.


Angelique Beauvais

Joyeux anniversaire Olivier et bravo pour ce challenge !!


Glenn Waterson

Outstanding cause Olivier - good luck with the training.


Roberts Family

Bravo Olivier . Nous te soutenons dans cette belle initiative . Almost there ! Well done


Ellen + Koenraad Van De Borne

Go go go Olivier!!!!!


Armelle Et Bertrand Timbal

J’ai toujours admiré vos challenges et réussites, sportives ou autres 😊. Une fois de plus well done pour le commitment et la ténacité sans oublier le sourire! Go for gold a Kiwiland!!


Valérie P.

De tout cœur avec toi pour cette bonne cause, frérot!


Kylie Magrath

Good luck! What a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday and raise money for such a great cause.


Xavier Vandame

Bon courage Olivier et tres belle initiative. On suivra de pres tes prouesses!


Cedric And Sophie

Bon annif Olivier! Ravis de fêter ce cap avec toi.


Trevor Young

Ride like the Wind Olivier!


David Perzoff

Bonne route l’ami


Bavo & Co


Claude P

GOAL !!!!!


David Le Breton

beau challenge qui va te propulser à une autre dimension et niveau de vélo, tu vas les avaler ces 1000kms, a fonds Olivier!


Sarah Hollingworth

Well done Olivier. What an amazing achievement and fantastic gift to the many sick children - and their families - who need our support.


Lauranne Kennedy

Bon courage Olivier!


Miguel Suarez

Great initiative, good luck.


Karen Hill

Bravo Olivier!!


Alex Sakellaridis

Enjoy the ride Olivier for this worthy cause!


Tarl Hart

Great cause and doing us proud Olivier!!!!


Peter Nash

Allez, Allez!


Joan Petitpierre

Keep pedalling ! Good Luck !


Alex Petitpierre

Bravo pour ton défi de la cinquantaine !




Steven Dimovski

Hey Olivier, congratulations and well done on supporting such a great cause. Good luck and best wishes for your 40th birthday!! Cheers Steve D


Nicole Crabtree

Wishing you all the best OP!


Mark Millen

Nice velocity uplift!


Dima Isaac

Way to go Olivier!!!




Blessie Baker

Good luck and good on you for supporting a wonderful cause, I’m sure you’ll smash it 👏🏼


Olivia Brice

Good luck Olivier. I think this challenge will make the Retail Next challenge look easy by comparison!





All the best Olivier!


Alessio Bresciani

Great cause Olivier and an incredible location to fundraise.


Liz Chen

What an amazing cause, thank you. All the best for the day, may the wind always be in your favour!



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Here's cheers to a brilliant ride and a love and laughter full 50th birthday celebration. Happy Birthday xx



Good Luck Olivier! This is such a great thing you are doing, I can't wait to hear all about it.


Edan Lo Presti

Great cause Olivier and well done for taking on the challenge. Best of luck!


Sian Wesley

Well done Olivier! Great effort. Wishing you smooth, puncture free riding... Sian



Super initiative et beau challenge! Profite de tout, de la préparation jusqu'à l'arrivée! Bises à toute la famille


Kristen De La Cruz

Love this! Good on you. What a fantastic cause you are supporting. Good luck for your challenge Olivier & enjoy your ride. 🏞🚴‍♀️


Lolo Petitpierre

ALLEZ PAPA!! Fière d’être ta fille 🥹


Sean Y.

Well done Olivier! Great initiative and Good Luck!


Adam Smith

Incredible training and fund-raising effort Olivier, well done! Safe travels.


Amarnda Corlett

All the best for your epic ride, amazing and challenging location, enjoy!!


Waqas Ishaque

Great initiative Olivier.


Cathy Nevill

All the best Olivier! You’ll smash it!


Sarah Clayton

Congratulations Olivier! Incredibly impressive achievement and such an important cause!


L. Petitpierre

Quelle belle initiative ! Bravo et bonne route


Tamara Eastham

Amazing effort! Well done OP!


Denise Valdez

Amazing effort for an amazing cause! Go Olivier!



Well done for contributing to a great cause, keep up the good work mate:)



Go Olivier!


Roger Reyes

All the best Olivier and keep safe!


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Good luck Olivier.


Bree Marshall



A worthy challenge!



Ride like the wind mate


Daniel Gaut

Great work Olivier - keep it up and good luck in achieving the milestone


Jeremy Brook

Bravo for doing this Olivier!


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Have a great ride mate. Regards, Eric


Juline Petitpierre

Allez papa! Bonne anniversaire! Je te souhaite plein de plaisir pendant ta course + l’entraînement. Courage, you’ve got this! 😘


Connie Ponzio

Good Luck!