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This year’s major charity partner is one very close to my heart: Monash Children's Hospital and Starlight Childrens Foundation.

On the 9th of December 2020, our beautiful daughter Ella Grace Cynthia Gils was born at the Monash Children’s Hospital at just 27 weeks gestation (3 months premature). She was delivered via an emergency C-Section and weighed just 935 grams.

Her birth was an unusual mix of joy, uncertainty and fear, all rolled into one. Our memories of this day are filled with machines, needles and tubes, each measuring Ella’s vitals and monitoring her as she bounced from critical to stable. It was clear shortly after she entered this world that her small, undeveloped lungs did not have the ability to function without assistance. 

It was thanks to vital respiratory equipment and amazing medical staff at Monash Children’s Hospital that we were able to watch her improve day by day. After 89 days in the hospital, we were incredibly blessed to return home with a beautiful, healthy daughter.  

By supporting this foundation, you can help provide life-saving care for babies like Ella, with the funds helping Monash Newborn provide critical care to premature babies.