Michael Bona

Queensland Ride 2019

Appreciative father supporting kids in need

PwC has supported chain reaction for 12 years

This year is our 13th year.


We have just welcomed our third, healthy, happy child into the world.  We are so grateful and appreciative.  Others are not so fortunate, and that is why we are supportive of fantastic children's charities like AEIOU and Ronald McDonald House.

Chain reaction as a vehicle to achieve our firm's charitable ambitions is simply amazing.  To suffer, struggle, support and achieve with our clients and other community members is an irreplaceable experience.  The commradery, friendships and experiences of working together and rasing money through our combined efforts is one of the most rewarding acitivities I have had the pleasure of being involved with.  That's why i have done it for 10 years!

I would love to pass on the mantle to one of my collegues in the near future but even after that, I consider many of the chain reactions family as some of my best friends.

Thanks for the opportunity and for your support

Thank you to my donors




Thank you to you and PWC for your support over the past 10 years. It really is a credit to you and the business and so very much appreciated by all. Here's to a great week on the bike and hearing the dulcet tones of MAB providing the necessary encouragement and support to all #mcmuppets


Bernard Moens

Allez allez! Have fun


Flavia Formica

Smashed it👊🏻